Road to Success 成功之路

Road to Success
Road to Success 成功之路
Road to Success is a series of foreign language teaching materials for non-native learners of Chinese. It not only can be applied to classroom teaching of formal Chinese teaching institutions, but also can meet the demands of various forms of teaching and self-study learners.

Road to Success provides a comprehensive and rich teaching content and builds a scrupulous and standard teaching platform. Learners can get systematic learning and training of Chinese language knowledge, skills and culture. Moreover, the combinatorial design of Road to Success meets to the greatest extent diversified needs of teaching and learning by providing a wide choice for all types of teaching institutions and self-study learners.

Road to Success consists of 20 volumes, designed as a progressively-graded series including Threshold, Lower Elementary, Elementary, Upper Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Lower Advanced and Advanced. The title of each series indicates the teaching level. Each series is designed with corresponding level and vocabulary so that learners can choose the right series that suits them.

本书为汉语教学提供全面丰富的教学内容,搭建严谨规范的教学平台。学习者可获得系统的汉语言知识、技能、文化的学习和训练。同时, 组合式设计也为各类教学机构和自学者提供了充分的选择空间,可以最大程度地满足教学与学习的多样化需求。
全书共20册,按进阶式水平序列分别设计为《入门篇》《起步篇》《顺利篇》《进步篇》《提高篇》《跨越篇》《冲刺篇》《成功篇》。其中《入门篇》为1册;《进步篇》 综合课本为3册,《听和说》《读和写》各2册;其余各篇均为2册。篇名不但是教学层级的标识,而且蕴涵着目标与期望。各篇设计有对应层级和对应水平(已学习词汇量),方便学习者选择适合自己的台阶起步。
Road to Success: Upper Elementary Vol. 3 [Textbook + Recording Script and Key to some Exercises]. ISBN: 9787561923863
Upper Elementary Volume 3 has altogether 12 lessons. Besides the texts and new words, this book includes the extension of words and the explanation of language points. The exercises in this book are rich in form and content, including practice on words and grammar, comprehensive exercises and expression exercises.
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Road to Success 成功之路