Special Chinese - China Universities

Special Chinese - China Universities
In this category you can find language books that are used at Chinese universities for Chinese-language courses for foreign students. Furthermore, in this category you will also find language courses to prepare for the language level that is required at universities in China for foreign students to study. These preparatory courses are always already at a higher level, so that prior knowledge is always necessary.
Chinese for Liberal Arts: Integrated Course Vol. 1+2. ISBN: 9787561949375, 9787561949382
This textbook series is suitable for international students coming to China aiming to study at a Chinese university. The book aims to set up a language standard for ordinary Chinese students to study Chinese in liberal arts through a semester of teaching, and to lay the necessary language for pre-university students to enter undergraduate liberal arts majors. The book consists of two volumes, vol. 1 and 2, of which there are eight units in the first volume and seven units in the next volume.
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