China Scenery/Travel Books

China Scenery/Travel Books
This category contains travel books and travel guides for your trip to China. Chinese phrase books you can find in our category Chinese for Tourism.
Blick auf die Chinesische Kultur [German Edition]. ISBN: 9787513544399
German edition. This richly illustrated work brings China closer in 30 chapters. With their vivid portrayal of the highlights of Chinese culture, the authors show insights into the thinking and feeling of the Chinese. We immerse ourselves in a five-thousand-year-long caleidoscope of the spirit of creation and the search for the new, which is still opening up in the folk traditions of China. Thus, cultural characteristics, views of life, aesthetics and the self-confidence of the Chinese can be better understood. Every work of art, every building tells its own fascinating story.
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Meet China Book Series [1]: Hello, China [English Edition]. ISBN: 9787561934333
For the overseas young readers who want to know China. English edition, with many pictures.
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Panoramic China: Dreams of Snow Land. ISBN: 7-119-03883-4, 7119038834, 978-7-119-03883-4, 9787119038834
Countless people have long been fascinated by and dreamed about the wonderful land of Tibet in China. The author has visited Tibet 19 times within 16 years, covering almost every county, city and a great number of villages, experiencing its unique traditional festivals, celebrations, religious activities and major events, forging an indissoluble bond with Tibet in the process.
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