Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German] 轻松学中文 (德文版)

Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German]
Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German] 轻松学中文 (德文版)
This textbook series is also available with English annotations Easy Steps to Chinese.

Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German] includes:
- Textbook (volumes 1-8)
- Workbook (Volumes 1-5)

Also available for all language versions of the series:
- Teacher's manual with Chinese annotations (Volumes 1-8)
- Reading supplementary material Tiantian de Gushi with annotations in English (for volumes 1-4)

The topics of the three phases of Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German]:
Phase 1: Volumes 1-2
- Numbers
- Personal identification
- Parts of the body
- Colours and clothing
- Food and drinks
- Daily routines
- Schooling
- Hobbies
- Life at home
- Means of transport
- Daily articles
- Weather

Phase 2: Volumes 3-6
- Appearance
- People and occupations
- School facilities
- Weather and holidays
- Pets
- Personality
- School events
- Food and sickness
- Accidents
- Shopping and travelling
- Neighbourhood·Festivals and celebrations

Phase 3: Volumes 7-8
- Community
- Work experience
- Environment
- Customs and traditions
- Technology and communication
- Diet and healthy life-style
- Special occasions
- Leisure and travelling
- Education and employment
- Law and order
- Current issues
- World issues

The benefits of this series:
- task-based learning
- a wide variety of texts
- practical tasks and activities
- up-to-date topics relevant to young people
- carefully pacing for gradual progress
- clearly focused aims
- regular consolidation
- both simplified and traditional script in the vocabulary list
- a fun and effective approach
- attractive page designs

About the authors:
 Ms. Yamin Ma (马亚敏) holds a master's degree in pedagogy for teaching methodology and development from Queen’s University in Canada.
 Ms. Xinying Li (李欣颖) received her postgraduate diploma in applied linguistics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
 Both authors have extensive teaching experience in China and abroad.
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Erste Schritte in Chinesisch [Chinese-German] 轻松学中文 (德文版)