Friends - Chinese Graded Readers

Friends - Chinese Graded Readers
Friends is a set of Chinese graded readers for non-native Chinese students, which can be used both in and out of the class for readers of all ages. These books are written for adults.

Friends, a series of Chinese graded readers, has the following characteristics:
- Multicultural: Written by non-native Chinese speakers, this series combines the speakers’ second language and the culture of their native language, removes the cultural barriers in reading, and develops readers’ cross-cultural perspectives and communication skills.
- Graded Reading: This series is divided into six levels, respectively corresponding to Levels 1-6 in the New HSK syllabus. Words or expressions not listed in the syllabus are provided with English explanations. A few exercises are designed after reading. The design of objective questions imitates that of the New HSK and the open-ended subjective questions focus on the development of readers’ language expression skills and communication skills.
- Listen and Read Anytime: This series is small in size and thus can be easily carried around. Each book comes along with an MP3-CD or online audio, enabling readers to make use of fragments of time to do listening and reading anytime.

“好朋友”是一套专门为母语为非汉语的学习者设计的汉语分级读物,适用于不同年龄段的读者,可以作为课外汉语读物,也可以作为汉语课堂辅助阅读材料。本套书为成人版。 汉语分级读物特点如下:
分级阅读:根据语言难度将本系列读物分成6个级别,对应新HSK 1-6级汉语水平,超纲词汇配有英文注解。读后设计少量练习,客观题的设计模仿新HSK试题,开放式的主观题重在培养读者的语言表达和交际能力。
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Friends - Chinese Graded Readers