Expressway to Chinese 速通汉语

Expressway to Chinese
Expressway to Chinese
Expressway to Chinese is a universal type of short-term Chinese teaching series starting for total beginners with vol. elementary 1. It has a total of 12 volumes, roughly aligned to the HSK levels as follows:
Elementary Levels 1-4 for HSK1-3
Intermediate Levels 1-4 for HSK4
Advanced levels 1-4 for HSK5

Expressway to Chinese is targeted at short-term Chinese training programs in China as well as other universally-oriented Chinese training programs. The three levels are interrelated and independent to a certain extent so that users can choose the one(s) they need. Students can start with Book 1 or any other volume based on their own level of proficiency. This series concentrates more on listening and speaking, but reading and writing skills are also trained to some extend.

速通汉语 初级1-4 相当HSK水平 HSK1-3
速通汉语 中级1-4 相当HSK水平 HSK4
速通汉语 高级1-4 相当HSK水平 HSK5

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