Cool Panda 酷熊猫

Cool Panda
Cool Panda 酷熊猫
Cool Panda is designed for English-speaking children and Chinese beginners. This series provides integrated teaching resources for Chinese learners at each level from K to the fifth grade (K5 concept).
Cool Panda是专为母语为英语的幼儿和汉语初学的小朋友设计的。计划为K到五年级每个层次的汉语学习者提供一体化的教学资源。

Cool Panda is based on full classroom observation and extensive and in-depth overseas research, and uses the K-5 (kindergarten to primary school) Chinese teaching practice in English-speaking countries. Teaching experts and professional project teams, in accordance with "localization" and "integration" developed together a digital concept.
Cool Panda以充分的课堂观摩和广泛、深入的海外调研为基础,立足英语国家K-5(幼儿园到小学)阶段汉语教学实际,联合各国教学专家,组建专业项目团队,按照“本土化”“一体化”“数字化”理念研发而成。

Kids can enjoy a fun learning journey with cool pandas, fun stories, varied exercises, fun games, nice Chinese songs and lively dance.
孩子们可以在Cool Panda上通过有趣的故事、多样的练习、好玩的游戏、好听的中文歌曲和活泼的舞蹈跟随酷萌的大熊猫一起展开快乐的学习之旅。

Cool Panda series of teaching resources include stories, songs, dance and other content, which can be used for self-study, and can also assist classroom teaching, entertaining and learning, and is loved by teachers and students.
Cool Panda系列教学资源包括故事、歌曲、伴奏、舞蹈等内容,既可用于自学,又可辅助课堂教学,寓教于乐,深受广大师生喜爱。

The children said: "It is so fun to learn Chinese!"
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