FLTRP Graded Readers

FLTRP Graded Readers

FLTRP Graded Readers - Reading China
外研社汉语分级阅读读物 - 中文天天读

Extensive reading can ensure adequate language input and fast, efficient learning. Therefore you should emphasize large amount of reading in addition to classroom learning. FLTRP Graded Readers - Reading China features fun stories of present-day China, with introductions on Chinese history, culture and everyday life. This series can be used as in-class or after-class reading materials because every book from the series is brief in content and has a small amount of exercises. There are altogether five levels in the series, each consisting of several volumes. Please refer to the table below for specific data:

Each book of the series includes the following modules:
1. Pre-reading – Lead-in. This part has one or two interesting warming-up questions, which function as an introduction to a new text.

2. Reading – Texts, Side Notes and Illustrations. Side Notes provide explanations for new words to help learners better understand the text and keeps the degree of difficulty of the texts within reasonable bounds. Illustrations are another highlight of the series. They help learners take in at a glance the key sentences and main ideas of the texts.

3. After-reading – Language Points, Exercises and Cultural Tips. The Language Points part features important expressions or grammar points from the text. Two follow-up example sentences, usually with words from previous texts, are given to help learners gain new insights through review of old materials. In Exercises, a small amount of questions are designed to check learners’ comprehension of the texts without spoiling the fun of reading. In Cultural Tips, background information is provided as supplementary reading materials.

1. User-friendlyness: Easy reading through strict control of the number of new words in each text, the Side Notes, Language Points and Cultural Tips include English translation. Hanyu Pinyin does accompany all reading texts of levels one and two, starting from level three Hanyu Pinyin will not be given.

2. Diversity and fun: Interesting stories with a wide range of topics. The stories touch upon many aspects of Chinese life. In some cases, similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign cultures are compared and analyzed. Also different writing genres and styles are selected, such as narrations, argumentations, letters, poems, mini-stories, etc.

3. Listening materials: CDs are included in each book of the series.

About the series (Chinese language) 编写说明
About the series (English language)

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