New HSK Level 6

New HSK Level 6
HSK Standard Course 6A Teacher’s Book. ISBN: 9787561956373
This is Teacher’s Book 6A, with altogether 20 lessons. Each lesson includes a specification of the instructional contents and objectives, an elaboration of teaching steps, and an “afterword”. Based on HSK level 6 vocabulary and past HSK tests, this book pays special attention to the new words with learned characters. Each lesson teaches one Chinese character, highlighting the form-sound-meaning relationship. Plenty of examples and exercises are given so that students may learn the meanings of each character in context and develop the ability to correctly understand Chinese vocabulary. This book provides teachers with all-round guidance and effective support in regard to how to use the textbook and workbook of the corresponding level.
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New HSK Simulated Tests - Including Explanation of Answers [Level VI]. ISBN: 978-7-5619-3377-0, 9787561933770
This book is written for the examinees and training classes taking new HSK Level VI and it is very distinctive among other new HSK guidance books. The ten sets of quality simulated tests are based on the outline of the new HSK Level VI and designed referring to the real questions with meticulous care.
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New HSK Level 6 Grammar - Instruction and Practice [Chinese Edition]. ISBN: 9787561937655
Liang Hongyan, an experienced HSK tutor, has published a number of popular HSK tutoring books, including HSK Exam Grammar, Simulated Tests of HSK (Advanced), 680 Comprehensive Expressions for HSK (Advanced). Her books Simulated Tests of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) and Simulated Tests of HSK (Advanced) published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press in 2008 have been reprinted many times. Among these books, Simulated Tests of HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) has been sold more than 30,000 copies and won the 9th Book Award of China University Presses for excellent bestsellers.
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Prepare for New HSK in 30 Days - Level 6 [+ MP3-CD]. ISBN: 978-7-5619-3610-8, 9787561936108
Prepare for New HSK in 30 Days is suitable for both self-learners as well as for teaching exam preparation for the new HSK. Each volume is designed for one level of the new HSK and contains 5 complete sample tests of the respective stage. Includes listening text scripts, answer keys and answer cards. Provides perfect simulation for New HSK test because annotations are in simplified Chinese only - like in the real exam.
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Thorough Analyses of New HSK Level 6 [Chinese Edition] [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561938362
Designed for examinees of HSK (Level 6), Thorough Analyses of New HSK (Level 6) summarizes 16 testing points in the listening comprehension part and over 40 testing points in the reading comprehension part. It explains and practices in great detail the methods of condensing from the sentences to the passages. Each question is provided with an example for the condensation. There are abundant exercises in the book, including 58 exercises for specific skills and three sets of mock tests. One MP3-CD with the recordings for the listening comprehension exercises and the mock test is attached to the book. 
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