New HSK Level 5

New HSK Level 5
A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK [HSK Levels 4 + 5]. ISBN: 9787561937594
A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK, targeted at students who are going to take the new HSK, includes three volumes respectively for levels 1~3, levels 4~5 and level 6. This is the second volume, which collects 1900 entries based on the Outline of the New HSK (Levels 4-5). Each entry is marked with pinyin and explained in Chinese and English. Characters with traditional forms are listed in the entries. Entries are classified based on its senses, each of which is noted with its word type and 3~8 sample sentences. These sample sentences at Level 4 are provided with pinyin. The phonetic index for entries in each level is provided before the main body of the dictionary and the phonetic index for all the entries at levels 4-5 is available after the main body.
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New HSK Level 5 - Writing Part Training [Chinese Edition]. ISBN: 9787561937693
This is a specialised training for HSK level 5 - writing part only. With plentyful of exercises, altogether as many as contained in eight mock tests, in simplified Chinese only.
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New HSK Level 5 - Reading Comprehension Part Training [Chinese Edition]. ISBN: 9787561934197
This book contains an intensive training for new HSK level 5, reading comprehension part. In simplified Chinese only.
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New HSK Level 5 - Listening Comprehension Part Training [Chinese Edition] [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561937204
This is a practical book of new HSK5 listening examinations. According to more than 20 sets of examination papers, the author summarizes 9 big question types, 4 big question themes, 4 big literary forms, which covers the listening test.
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New HSK Simulated Tests - Including Explanation of Answers [Level V]. ISBN: 978-7-5619-3252-0, 9787561932520
This book is a distinguishing reference material designed for New HSK Level 5 candidates and the training programs they are taking. It includes 10 sets of high-quality model tests which are carefully designed based on the New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Syllabus Level 5 and on the study of past test papers.
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Thorough Analyses of New HSK Level 5 [Chinese Edition] [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561937587
Designed for examinees of HSK (Level 5), Thorough Analyses of New HSK (Level 5) summarizes 28 testing points in the listening comprehension part, 20 testing points in the reading comprehension part, and 5 in the writing part. It includes 4 sets of mock tests, the common collocations for words and phrases at Level V and the other two appendices. An MP3 CD with the recordings for the listening comprehension exercises and the mock tests is attached to the book.
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