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Journey to the West - Xi You Ji [Chinese Edition] [2 volumes]. ISBN: 9787020008735
Journey to the west by Wu Cheng'en belongs to the 4 classic Chinese novels. 2 volume bestseller edition in simplified Chinese.
15,70 EUR
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Qian Zhongshu: Die Umzingelte Festung [Chinese-German]. ISBN: 9787513570350
Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu in simplified Chinese as first part and German translation as second part. Translated by Monika Motsch.
24,99 EUR
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Water Margin - Shui Hu Zhuan [Chinese Edition] [2-volume-set]. ISBN: 9787020008742
Water Margin is one of the four classic Chinese novels. Two-volume bestseller edition in simplified Chinese characters with the Chinese original text and consecutive Chinese notes at the bottom of the pages. Water Margin (Chinese: 水浒传, also known as: outlaws of the marsh) is a Chinese folk novel from the 14th century, the authorship is attributed to Shi Nai'an and Luo Guanzhong.
17,80 EUR
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