Asiapac Books

Asiapac Books

Set up in 1983 in Singapore, Asiapac Books aims to promote the spirit of lifelong learning to enable readers to become high achievers in life. Each new book presented is an offering of distilled wisdom to the modern readers - in a way that is attractive and irresistible, using powerful text, effective pictures and appealing cartoons!

Asiapac Books has published more than 600 cultural books and comics, mostly covering Chinese culture, philosophy, history and literature aswell as Chinese success values for life and leadership, Chinese Language Learning and Feng Shui or traditional Chinese medicine.

To this end, Asiapac Books is a knowledgeable and cultural publisher offering the readers enjoyable opportunities to acquire wisdom for life and to explore new realms. Asiapac Books illuminates understanding through the world, transcends boundaries between countries, and presents ideas in a light-hearted and entertaining way, so everyone can enjoy it! 

As a global publisher, Asiapac Books' deep understanding of culture and philosophy enables them to offer essential, timeless Chinese values to the modern individual. Specifically recognising that true harmony must only be achieved on the basis of mutual understanding and appreciation of other cultures besides one's own. Hence, Asiapac Books seeks to contribute towards world understanding through the culture-based publications.

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