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Mastering Chinese

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The Mastering Chinese textbook series is well suited for undergraduate students, research students, and non-degree students of all types. The complete set of textbooks includes 12 parts, Mastering Chinese·Reading and Writing (books 1-6) and Mastering Chinese·Listening and Speaking (books 1-6).
The main features include: (1) The “Function·Setting·Task” three-part Chinese teaching model. This model helps to shrink the gap between language taught in the classroom and authentic everyday communication by providing a variety of different settings, pictures, and communicative tasks to stimulate learners. (2) A textbook design based on the idea that Reading and Writing should guide learning, Listening and Speaking should develop learning, but all must form a comprehensive set. (3) A strong learner-training model based on frequent review and practice. (4) A teaching system that presents content at multiple levels based on words, sentences, and sections of text. Aside from presenting material for study in the traditional form of vocabulary and sentence patterns, the textbooks also place emphasis on common morphemes as well as learning word “chunks” and written sections. (5) The textbook is adapted to the pace of classroom teaching, and can meet the various needs that arise during in-class teaching. (6) The textbooks provide a complete, ready-to-use set of teachable content and learning materials that is convenient for both students and teachers.
Mastering Chinese - Listening and Speaking 4 [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787107257599
Mastering Chinese - Listening and Speaking 4. Use together with Mastering Chinese - Reading and Writing 4.
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Mastering Chinese - Listening and Speaking 5 [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787107331152
Mastering Chinese - Listening and Speaking 5. Use together with Mastering Chinese - Reading and Writing 5.
21,50 EUR
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Mastering Chinese