Chinese Dictionaries for Expressions

Dictionaries for Expressions
Chinese Dictionaries specially for words and expressions like dictionaries for Chinese idioms, Chinese synonyms or about the application of words and expressions, special dictionaries for students and Chinese teachers. 
A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK [HSK Levels 4 + 5]. ISBN: 9787561937594
A Dictionary of 5000 Graded Words for New HSK, targeted at students who are going to take the new HSK, includes three volumes respectively for levels 1~3, levels 4~5 and level 6. This is the second volume, which collects 1900 entries based on the Outline of the New HSK (Levels 4-5). Each entry is marked with pinyin and explained in Chinese and English. Characters with traditional forms are listed in the entries. Entries are classified based on its senses, each of which is noted with its word type and 3~8 sample sentences. These sample sentences at Level 4 are provided with pinyin. The phonetic index for entries in each level is provided before the main body of the dictionary and the phonetic index for all the entries at levels 4-5 is available after the main body.
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800 Frequently Used Chinese Function Words. ISBN: 978-7-5619-3471-5, 9787561934715
This dictionary includes altogether more than 800 frequently used Chinese function words, as well as some common affixes and conjunction words, of which 180 pairs similar in meaning are compared, and 250 function words often misused by international students are presented with the wrong sentences they made and the corrected sentences are also provided.
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German-Chinese Visual Dictionary [coloured hardcover edition]. ISBN: 9787100158312
This German-Chinese visual dictionary in the harcover color edition contains 457 pages and 36 subjectc with 8000 common words, 6000 common example sentences/short phrases and 4000 suitable sentence patterns.
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