Short-Term Intensive Training

A Series Of Chinese Textbooks For Short-Term Intensive Training (2nd Edition)/(3rd Edition)
对外汉语短期强化系列教材 (第二版)/(第三版)

Including subcategories:
Short-Term Listening Chinese (2nd Edition) 汉语听力速成 (第二版)
Short-Term Reading Chinese (2nd Edition) 汉语阅读速成 (第二版)
Short-Term Spoken Chinese (2nd Edition/3rd Edition) 汉语口语速成 (第二版)/(第三版)

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Short-Term Spoken Chinese - Elementary Vol. 2 [3rd Edition] [Textbook]. ISBN:9787301260722
Short-Term Spoken Chinese teaches students to speak beginning Chinese in a short period of time. This book has 12 lessons and each lesson consists of vocabulary, text, grammar, exercises, and more. This offer includes the textbook Short-Term Spoken Chinese - Elementary Vol. 2 [3rd Edition].
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Short-Term Listening Chinese Threshold [2nd Edition] [+MP3-CD with 5,5 hours listening recordings]. ISBN: 978-7-5619-3081-6, 9787561930816
Short-Term Listening Chinese Thrshold (2nd Edition). Including MP3-CD with about 5,5 hours voice recording. This book of basic level (threshold) is for absolute beginners to 200 words knowledge who want to train listening comprehension.
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