Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 [500 Word Level]: Green Phoenix [2nd Edition]. ISBN: 9787301282526

Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 [500 Word Level]: Green Phoenix [2nd Edition]. ISBN: 9787301282526Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 [500 Word Level]: Green Phoenix [2nd Edition]. ISBN: 9787301282526Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 [500 Word Level]: Green Phoenix [2nd Edition]. ISBN: 9787301282526
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ISBN-10: 7-30-128252-4, 7301282524
ISBN-13: 978-7-30-128252-6, 9787301282526
English Title: 
Chinese Breeze: Green Phoenix
Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 (500 word level) (2nd Edition)
Chinese Title: 汉语风 - 中文分级系列读物 - 第2级 (500词级): 青风 (第二版)
Binding: softcover
Pages: 67
Shipping Weight: 160g
Size: 140mm x 203mm
Language: simplified Chinese, vocabulary additionally in pinyin and English
Year of Publication: 2017
Peking University Press

Green Phoenix, from Chinese Breeze - Graded Reader Series Level 2 (500 Word Level).

MP3 files can be downloaded from the link at the back of the book (.rar archive has to be unpacked with software, so the MP3 files can be played). Alternatively scan the QR-Code from the back of the book with you mobile device. There are slow and normal speed files available. We do not offer support for download related questions.

To check if a reader of this series is at your reading level, try to read the following introduction of the story. If the introduction is comprehensible, you will have the ability to understand the full story of this book. Otherwise check other volumes of Chinese Breeze at a different level.

耿 (Geng) 家的旧房子很长时间没人住了。不知道为什么, 房子的门常常自己开了, 又自己关上, 看不见有人进去, 也没有看见有人出来, 但是到了晚上,就能听见里面有人说话和唱歌。一天晚上, 耿去病 (Geng Qiubing) 看到旧房子的楼上有亮光 (liangguang: light),他就慢慢地进到房子里, 走上楼。他看见那里坐着一个漂亮的姑娘, 还有她的家人。耿去病很喜欢那个姑娘, 他想知道那姑娘是谁, 他们从哪里来, 为什么住在他家的旧房子里, 可是, 他怎么也想不到以后出了那些事……

The old house of the Geng family has been uninhabited for years. But recently the doors of the house open and close without anyone going in or out. And at night one can hear people talking and singing inside. One dark evening, Geng Qubing sees light shining from the attic of the house. He slips into the house, and sees a pretty girl sitting with her family in the attic. Deeply attracted to the girl, Geng Qubing is determined to find out who she is, where her family is from, and why they live in his old house. But what eventually takes place is a shock for him!

About Chinese Breeze (Hànyǔ Fēng)
Chinese Breeze (Hànyǔ Fēng)
is a large and innovative Chinese graded reader series which offers over 60 titles of enjoyable stories at eight language levels. It is designed for college and secondary school Chinese language learners from beginning to advanced levels (including AP Chinese students), offering them a new opportunity to read for pleasure and simultaneously developing real fluency, building confidence, and increasing motivation for Chinese learning.

Hànyǔ Fēng has the following main features:

  • Eight carefully graded levels increasing from 8,000 to 30,000 characters in length;
  • Wide choice of topics, including detective, adventure, romance, fantasy, science fiction, society, biography, legend etc. to meet the diverse interests of adult and young learners; 
  • Careful selection of most useful vocabulary for actual communication in modern standard Chinese; 
  • Carefully controlled distribution of vocabulary, highly recycled base words in various contexts;
  • Easy to understand, low new word density, and convenient new word glosses and indexes. In lower level readers, new word density is limited to 1.5 - 2%. All new words are conveniently glossed with footnotes upon first apperance;
  • Mostly original stories crafted by professional writers teamed with pedagogical experts;
  • Attractive plots;
  • Authentic and engaging language;
  • Fully illustrated texts with appealing layouts;
  • A variety of activities with answer keys;
  • Accompanying MP3 download available with two (normal and slow) speed choices.

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