New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I. ISBN: 9787301203491

New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I. ISBN: 9787301203491New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I. ISBN: 9787301203491New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I. ISBN: 9787301203491
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English Title: New Silk Road Business Chinese - Elementary I
Chinese Title: 新丝路 - 初级商务汉语综合教程 I
ISBN-10: 7-301-20349-7, 7301203497
ISBN-13: 978-7-301-20349-1, 9787301203491
Binding: softcover
Shipping Weight: 570g
Pages: 192
Size: 210mm x 285mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Year of Publication: 2017
Publisher: Peking University Press (北京大学出版社)

This textbook is the primary part of the New Silk Road Business Chinese Comprehensive Series of textbooks. It contains two volumes, I and II, has been developed for Chinese beginners who can carry out the simplest and limited communication. The content of the text is organized with the communication functions as the key points, focusing on cultivating the learners' ability to use Chinese in basic communication in daily life, simple social interaction and general work. This textbook draws on the basic concepts of task-based language teaching, and the selected content is a common communication task in life and workplace environment. Taking into account the learner's learning needs and Chinese proficiency, all the books selected in the book are life-related tasks, such as shopping checkout, asking for directions, asking time, talking about the weather, etc.; the next volume not only properly expands and deepens the difficulty of life tasks, there are also a number of simple business tasks, such as currency exchange, job interviews, and signing contracts, to ensure that the teaching content is closer to the daily life and work of business people and enhance the practicality of the textbooks. The book is equipped with recording files, just scan the QR-codes after each lesson with your mobile device and find the corresponding recordings to stream.

新丝路 - 初级商务汉语综合教程 I
本教材是新丝路商务汉语综合系列教材的初级部分,包含Ⅰ、Ⅱ两册,适用于能进行最简单而有限交际的汉语初学者。课文内容以话题与交际功能为纲进行编排,注重培养学习者在日常生活、简单的社会交往和一般工作中运用汉语进行基本交际的能力。 本教材借鉴任务型语言教学的基本理念,所选内容均是生活与职场环境常见的交际任务。考虑到学习者的学习需求与汉语水平,上册选取的全部是生活类任务,例如购物结账、问路指路、询问时间、谈论天气等;下册不仅适当扩展与深化了生活类任务的难度,还有针对性地增加了若干简单的商务类任务,如货币兑换、招聘面试、签署合同等,以确保教学内容更加贴近商务人士的日常生活与工作,提升教材的实用性。 学完两册初级部分之后,学习者能够运用汉语就与商务活动相关的日常生活话题与他人进行沟通和交流,并完成简单的商务活动。 本书配有录音文件,可扫描每课后的二维码,找到相应部分录音。

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