Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Journey to the West 1-6 [Set 6 vol.]

Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Journey to the West 1-6 [Set 6 vol.]Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Journey to the West 1-6 [Set 6 vol.]
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Format: complete set 6 vol.
English Title: Journey to the West 1-6
Chinese Title: 西游记1-6
Series: Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners 学汉语分级读物
Subseries: Level 2 - Literary Stories - 800 character level 第二级 文学故事 800字
Binding: softcover
Pages: 101 (1), 104 (2), 93 (3), 87 (4), 90 (5), 91 (6)
Shipping Weight: 560g
Size: 145mm x 210mm
Language: simplified Chinese, partially pinyin
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press 北京语言文化大学出版社

The series Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners is composed of 50 books, divided into three subseries, namely folktales, literary stories and historical stories, corresponding to Levels 1-3 respectively. The “Literary Stories” subseries is based on the Four Great Classical Novels in ancient China. From each novel some epic snippets are extracted and adapted into 4-6 books, each with 20-30 thousand characters. Altogether there are 20 books in the subseries, six of which are from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, four from Water Margin, six from Journey to the West and four from Dream of the Red Chamber. At aolifo we offer you the whole set of Journey to the West, so this offer includes books 1-6.

Journey to the West is a mythological novel, telling the story of a Tang Dynasty monk called Xuanzang (Monk Tang) who, under the order of the Tang emperor, went west on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures with his three disciples Sun Wukong the Monkey King, Zhu Bajie the Pigsy and Monk Sha. During the journey, they defeated demons and monsters and experienced all kinds of ordeals.

Included in this set of 6 volumes:
Journey to the West (1) Havoc in Heaven ISBN: 9787561943403
Havoc in Heaven tells the story of the birth of Monkey King and the havoc he made in heaven. On the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits there was a monkey born from the stone who set out to sea in search of the immortals to learn the way of immortality. He found an immortal, from whom he learned amazing skills, including going to the heaven and the earth and changing into 72 forms. His master named him Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong caused turbulence in the Dragon Palace of the East Sea and took the golden cudgel away as his own weapon. He also intruded into the Palace of the Underworld and caused trouble there. When the Heavenly Emperor sent troops to fight him, he made havoc in heaven. At last, Buddha from the west subdued him and trapped him under the Wuxing Mountain.

Journey to the West (2) The Pilgrimage for Buddhist Scriptures ISBN: 9787561943410
Pilgrimage for Buddhist Scriptures tells the story of Monk Tang taking Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Monk Sha as his disciples and going on the journey to the west with them. Buddha in the west (India) has Buddhist scriptures which encourage people to do good deeds, so the Tang emperor sent Xuanzang to fetch the scriptures. On his journey, Xuanzang saved Sun Wukong from the Wuxing Mountain, who then became his disciple and agreed to escort him to fetch the scriptures. The Goddess of Mercy put a golden hoop on Sun Wukong’s head and taught Monk Tang an incantation of tightening the golden hoop. Whenever the incantation was recited, Sun Wukong felt a terrible headache, which forced him to be obedient. Later Monk Tang met his other disciples, the White Dragon Horse, Zhu Bajie and Monk Sha, one after another. Together they escorted Monk Tang to the west.

Journey to the West (3) Three Battles with the White Bone Demon ISBN: 9787561943427
Three Battles with the White Bone Demon tells that Xuanzang and his disciples met with White Bone Demon, who transformed herself into human beings three times to cheat Xuanzang, but she was identified and killed by Monkey King. Xuanzang thought Monkey King a murder and drove him away. Zhu Bajie the Pigsy and Monk Sha couldn't defeat the evil and had to ask Monkey King back. Monkey King came and rescued his Master. Later, they met with Red Boy, a demon who was able to breathe out fire. Monkey King came to Bodhisattva Guanyin for her help. Bodhisattva Guanyin subdued the Red Boy.

Journey to the West (4) The Real and Fake Monkey King ISBN: 9787561944646
The Real and Fake Monkey King tells the story that the real Monkey King defeated the fake one. On the banks of Heaven, the Monkey King asked the Bodhisattva to subdue the Goldfish Spirit and save the people in the village. Later, they ran across many bandits and the Monkey King struck them down, which made Xuanzang furious and sent the Monkey King away. Then the fake Monkey King came, hurting Xuanzang and taking away the luggage. The real and fake Monkey King fought and no one can tell which the real one was until the real Monkey King fought the impostor down before Buddha. 

Journey to the West (5) The Flaming Mountains ISBN 9787561944899
The Flaming Mountains tells how Monkey King borrowed the Plantain Fan three times to climb the Flaming Mountains. Xuanzang and his three disciples were blocked by the Flaming Mountains stretching for 800 li miles. Monkey King went to borrow the Plantain Fan from the Princess Iron Fan, but met with a refusal. Monkey King finally put out the fire after he defeated Bull Demon King and borrowed the Fan. They met with King Yellow Brow and were all arrested by him in the Lesser Thunder Monastery. Although Monkey King ran away, he couldn't conquer the demon king. At last, Maitreya came and subdued the demon. In Bhiksuland, Monkey King defeated the White Deer Demon and saved the children of the city.  

Journey to the West (6) The Leiyin Temple ISBN 9787561944882
Leiyin Temple tells that Xuanzang and his three disciples fetched the scriptures and pursued the true achievement. Three fierce demons on the Lion Camel Ridge captured Xuanzang and his three disciples. Monkey King escaped and saved his Master, but he was told that Xuanzang has already died. Then he came to Buddha for help. Buddha finally subdued the demons and saved Xuanzang. Then, Xuanzang was captured by the Mouse Demon. Monkey King sought help from Heavenly King Li and Prince Nezha to subdue the demon and save his Master. At last, Xuanzhang and his disciples met with Buddha at Leiyin Temple and brought back the true scriptures. 

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记1 大闹天宫
《大闹天宫》讲述了猴王出世后大闹天宫的故事。 花果山上有一只石猴,为了寻找不死的方法,出海去找神仙。 他找到了神仙,学了一身了不起的本事,能上天入地,有七十二种变化。师父给他起名叫孙悟空。孙悟空大闹东海龙宫,拿走金箍棒作为武器。他又大闹地宫。玉皇大帝派天兵去打他,他大闹天宫。最后,西方佛祖如来佛来了,把这猴子压在了五行山下。 

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记2 西天取经
《西天取经》讲述了唐僧收孙悟空、猪八戒、沙和尚为徒,踏上西天取经之路的故事。 西方佛祖有佛经,劝人为善。大唐皇帝派高僧玄奘,到西天去取佛经。玄奘在五行山下救出孙悟空。孙悟空当了唐僧的徒弟,保护唐僧去取经。观音菩萨给孙悟空带了金箍,一念紧箍咒,孙悟空就头疼。孙悟空从此不敢不听话。一路上唐僧又收了白龙马、猪八戒和沙和尚。他们一起送唐僧去西天取经。

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记3 三打白骨精
《三打白骨精》讲述了唐僧师徒遇到了妖怪白骨精,白骨精三次变化成人来骗唐僧,都被孙悟空看出来。孙悟空打死了白骨精。唐僧以为孙悟空杀人,把他赶走了。 唐僧又遇到妖怪,被妖怪抓住。猪八戒和沙和尚打不过妖怪,只好去请孙悟空回来。孙悟空来了才救出师父。 后来他们又遇到妖怪红孩儿。红孩儿会喷火,孙悟空去请来观音菩萨。观音菩萨收服了红孩儿。

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记4 真假猴王
《真假猴王》讲述了真悟空打败假悟空的故事: 在通天河,孙悟空请观音菩萨收服了金鱼怪,救了村里的老百姓。 后来,他们遇到了很多强盗。孙悟空把这些强盗都打死了。唐僧非常生气,又把孙悟空赶走了。 这时来了一个假孙悟空,打伤了唐僧,抢走了行李。真假孙悟空打了起来,两个人本事一样大,谁也分不出来谁是真的。最后到了佛祖那里,真孙悟空才打死了假悟空。

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记5 火焰山
《火焰山》讲述了孙悟空三借芭蕉扇过火焰山的故事: 唐僧师徒遇到了八百里火焰山,过不去了。孙悟空去向铁扇公主借扇子灭火。铁扇公主不借,经过几次争斗,打败了牛魔王,才借到了扇子灭了火。 他们在小雷音寺遇到了黄眉怪,全被妖怪抓住。孙悟空虽然逃了出来,可是他打不过妖怪。最后弥勒佛来了,收服了妖怪。 在比丘国,孙悟空打败了白鹿怪,救了全城的孩子。

学汉语分级读物(第2级)文学故事 西游记6 灵山雷音寺
《灵山雷音寺》讲述了唐僧师徒取得真经、修成正果的故事: 在狮驼岭有三个很厉害的妖怪,他们抓住了唐僧师徒。孙悟空逃出来去救师父,却听说师父死了。他只好去佛祖那儿。佛祖收服了妖怪,救出了唐僧。 唐僧又被老鼠精抓走,孙悟空请李天王和哪吒父子收服了老鼠精,救出了师父。 最后,他们师徒四人终于来到了灵山雷音寺,见到了佛祖,取到了真经。

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