NPCR (3rd Edition) 新实用汉语课 (第三版)

NPCR (3rd Edition)
New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition).
Zu Band 1 und 2 sind je ein Textbook, ein Workbook, ein Chinese Characters Workbook, ein Companion Reader und ein Book of Tests and Quizzes erschienen.

Editorial Review
(1)Maintaining the features of the brand:Based on the characteristics of Chinese language teaching and the aim to solve the problem of “Chinese being difficult to learn”, the series sticks to the pedagogical idea of “combining structure, function and culture”. With the teaching of language structures as its basis, the series emphasizes the teaching of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and Chinese characters, and the language points are arranged in a way that strives to be scientific, systematic, progressive and repetitive so that students can master them easily.
(2)An overall update of the content:The texts are more up-to-date, practical and fun. The texts in Textbook 1 have basically been rewritten, the functions being intensified, the topics more focused and the situations highlighted. As for the selection of new words, common words are paid more attention to and supplementary words are arranged in a theme-based way.
(3)Stimulating independent learning:Two new sections, the pre-lesson “Warm-up” and post-lesson “Self-evaluation”, have been added. Classroom activities are given more emphasis and more communicative and task-based activities are included. Discovery learning and interactive learning are embodied to encourage students to summarize certain linguistic rules on their own.
(4)Intensifying practice and application:The exercises are more pertinent to the language points. In every lesson, there are pronunciation drills, conversation practice, listening and repeating, reading comprehension, task and activity, writing exercise, etc., incorporating training in comprehensive language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating and combining mechanical, communicative and task-based exercises in a more organic manner.

(1)保持品牌特色 从汉语教学的特点和化解“汉语难”出发,坚持“结构—功能—文化相结合”的教学理念,坚持以语言结构的教学为基础,重视语法、词汇、语音、汉字的教学,语言点安排尽可能做到科学、系统、循序渐进、不断重现,便于学习者掌握。
(2)全面更新内容 进一步加强课文的时代性、实用性、趣味性。第一册课文基本重新编写:加强功能,集中话题,突出情景;生词选取更注重常用词,加强补充词的主题式设计。
(3)激发自主学习 增加课前“热身”和课后“自我评估”两部分;增强课堂活动,增加交际性、任务性活动;体现发现式、互动式学习,让学生自己总结部分语言规则。
(4)加强练习和运用 练习更针对语言点,每课都安排了语音练习、会话练习、听后复述、阅读理解、任务与活动、写作练习等,更好地体现听说读写译等综合技能训练,更好地处理机械性、交际性、任务型练习的关系。
New Practical Chinese Reader [3rd Edition] Companion Reader 1 [Annotated in English]. ISBN: 9787561943632
New Practical Chinese Reader [3rd Edition] Companion Reader 1 mit englischen Anmerkungen. New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition) Companion Reader 1 beinhaltet begleitende Lesetexte und praktisches Lesematerial in Begleitung zu den jeweiligen Lektionen des Lehrbuchs von Band 1.
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New Practical Chinese Reader [3rd Edition] Chinese Characters Workbook 1 [Annotated in English]. ISBN: 9787561948514
New Practical Chinese Reader [3rd Edition] Chinese Characters Workbook 1 [Annotated in English]. ISBN: 9787561948514
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New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition) 新实用汉语课 (第三版)