My Chinese Classroom Elementary Vol. 2 [2nd Edition] [+ MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787532772759

My Chinese Classroom Elementary Vol. 2 [2nd Edition] [+ MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787532772759
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Format: textbook + MP3-CD
English Title: My Chinese Classroom Elementary Vol. 3 [2nd Edition]
Chinese Title: 我的汉语教室初级(三)第二版
ISBN-10: 7-53-277276-4, 7532772764
ISBN-13: 978-7-53-277276-6, 9787532772766
Binding: softcover
Pages: 198
Shipping Weight: 640g
Size: 215mm x 278mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, with English and Japanese annotations
Age Group:
Chinese for adults
Level: beginners with preknowledge of vol. 1 and 2
Year of Publication: 2018
Publisher: Shanghai Translation Publishing House (上海译文出版社有限公司)

My Chinese Classroom Elementary Vol. 3 [2nd Edition] [+ MP3-CD].

My Chinese Classroom is a series of Chinese textbooks designed for foreigners who come to China to work. The first three volumes are intended for zero level beginners. These lessons cover 800 new words, phrases and 80 grammar points. In composition we referred to the Guidelines for Short-term Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, HSK Guidelines for Grade Level Criterion and Grammar, and HSK Guidelines for Chinese Words and Characters (first and second grade), all issued by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. After finishing the beginner courses learners will be supposed to be able to do daily communication in Chinese for work and life. More importantly, they will have the foundation to continuing their study and preparing to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

Each volume consists of 10 lessons and each lesson is divided into 6 parts: text, new words, translation of the text, exercises, listening comprehension and Chinese characters. The contents involve almost all areas of daily life in China including common business expressions, social conversations and daily dialogues. All the basic words, sentences and grammar points will appear repeatedly in the contents. Therefore, learners can make progress in a short time. In line with the syntax – based principle, exercises after each lesson are designed to help learners master sentence patterns for each lesson through repeated practice. Different from most existing Chinese textbooks, these series of textbooks have listening comprehension and Chinese characters sections. Tests have shown that it is very difficult to study listening, speaking, reading and writing all at the time due to the limitation of study time. We have written and composed Chinese character study sections that are brief and to the point. We hope the Chinese character sections in this series can help learners lay a foundation to reading Chinese characters to further intermediate Chinese study.

Each volume is complete with an appendix consisting of the answers to the exercises and listening comprehension sections as well as the texts of the listening comprehension dialogues and new words index.

This series can be used in Chinese classes and foreign companies; it can also be used in universities and is intended for those who study Chinese by themselves.





目录 Contents Vol. 3
第一课 找房子真难
Unit 1 It’s really difficult to find an apartment

第二课 你是怎么回来的?
Unit 2 How did you get back?

第三课 我家的水管又坏了
Unit 3 My water pipe has broken again

第四课 我想做足部按摩
Unit 4 I want to have a foot massage

第五课 您穿这件衣服真漂亮
Unit 5 You look really beautiful in those clothes

第六课 他正在见客户
Unit 6 He is in meeting with some clients

第七课 你觉得上海怎么样?
Unit 7 What do you think of Shanghai?

第八课 他什么都喜欢
Unit 8 He likes everything

第九课 祝你们一路平安
Unit 9 Bon voyage

第十课 万事开头难
Unit 10 Everything’s hard in the beginning

Key to Exercise

Key to Listening Comprehension

Script of Listening Comprehension


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