New Concept Chinese - Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661

New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6. ISBN: 9787561950661
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English Title: New Concept Chinese -  Textbook 6
Chinese Title: 新概念汉语·课本6
ISBN-10: 7-56-195066-7, 7561950667
ISBN-13: 978-7-56-195066-1, 9787561950661
Binding: softcover
Pages: 100
Shipping Weight: 320g
Size: 210mm x 295mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English annotations
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

This is New Concept Chinese Vol. 6 textbook.

Audio files can be streamed or downloaded with your mobile device by scanning the QR code on the right side of the book's back. We have tested this for you and please note the following: You can select the corresponding file after scanning the QR code with your mobile device. The files are identified by numbers in the book, such as: 01-2. Select one of these files, there are 115 audio files available. Choose if you want to download the file "下载 该 资源" or if you want to stream the file "在线 视听 该 资源". Please note that depending on the connection and time of day the speed can vary and that it can be so slow at times, then you may need several minutes until a file is completely loaded, also streaming files can sometimes be paused in between, because the transmission speed cannot be sufficient. The solution is that you either download the files or wait until the stream is completely loaded so that you can listen to it again without pauses. Also you can also download video files for this book, this is the middle QR code on the back of the book.

English Description
New Concept Chinese 5 and 6 are based on Dream of China, a TV show close to modern Chinese people’s life. The materials selected are those that can help foreigners learn about and understand Chinese people’s life and improve their Chinese communication skills.

This book is composed of 20 lessons, each focusing on one topic and consisting of two parts—the text and the exercises. (1) Text, the first part of each lesson. In each unit, the first three lessons each have a text which is a brief introduction to one episode of Dream of China and the new words and grammar points involved. The last lesson in each unit is a short essay about common Chinese people’s lives, written by the editorial group. (2) Exercises, the second part of each lesson. The exercises in the first three lessons of each unit are mostly audiovisual and speaking exercises based on an episode of Dream of China and aim to cultivate students’ Chinese listening and speaking skills. The exercises in the last lesson of each unit are reading and writing exercises, which aim to cultivate students’ reading and writing skills.

Through learning New Concept Chinese 6, students can acquire a preliminary ability to read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese movies and TV shows, and make relatively complete speeches.







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