315 Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese. ISBN: 9787561934012

315 Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese. ISBN: 9787561934012315 Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese. ISBN: 9787561934012315 Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese. ISBN: 9787561934012
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English Title: 315 Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese
Chinese Title: 趣说常用惯用语315例(含1MP3)
ISBN-10: 7-5619-3401-7, 7561934017
ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-3401-2, 9787561934012
Binding: softcover
Pages: 328
Shipping Weight: 440g
Size: 141mm x 210mm
Language: simplified Chinese, partially pinyin, English
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

This book is an extracurricular reading material designed for foreign students to learn to use idiomatic expressions in Chinese. It is highly specialized, practical and readable in which 315 idiomatic expressions in Chinese are selected. Each is provided with Chinese annotation and a corresponding situational dialogue and example sentences. Some are even illustrated. Pinyin and English annotation can also be found at the end of each expression for the convenience of foreign learners. A Mp3 disc is attached to it.

About the Author
Tian Yan, Ph.D., associate professor, visiting scholar at Middlesex University, UK.Invited teacher of Chinese learning area for 2001 South Korea (Seoul) Samsung Human Development Institute and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.Devoted to researching the international Chinese teaching methods, international Chinese character teaching, intercultural communication.Published one monograph, (co-) published several textbooks and papers.

本书是针对留学生学习使用汉语习惯用语而编写的一本课外读物,具有较强的针对性、实用性、可读性、趣味性。全书精选中国人日常生活、工作、学习中常用的习惯用语315例进行分类讲解,每条均详细解释了该条惯用语的来源、意义、用法、褒贬、使用情景等,并提供了相应的会话体和叙述体例句。个别习惯用语配有插图,图文并茂。每条习惯用语均配有汉语拼音及英文注释,便于留学生学习使用。随书附赠MP3光盘 1盘,便于自学。



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