New Concept Chinese - Workbook 2. ISBN: 9787561940679

New Concept Chinese -  Workbook 2. ISBN: 9787561940679New Concept Chinese -  Workbook 2. ISBN: 9787561940679New Concept Chinese -  Workbook 2. ISBN: 9787561940679New Concept Chinese -  Workbook 2. ISBN: 9787561940679
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English Title: New Concept Chinese -  Workbook 2
Chinese Title: 新概念汉语(英文版)练习册2
ISBN-10: 7-5619-4067-X, 756194067X
ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-4067-9, 9787561940679
Binding: softcover
Pages: 119
Shipping Weight: 400g
Size: 210mm x 294mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Textbook Series: New Concept Chinese
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

New Concept Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for adults, is suitable for both self-teaching and classroom teaching. Observing the principle of “making Chinese easier to learn”, this series presents practical, concise and interesting teaching materials and employs easy, flexible and effective teaching methods so that students and teachers could learn and teach Chinese in a convenient and effective way.

New Concept Chinese Workbook 2 is composed of 40 lessons, each including vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, communication exercise, character drills and task/activity, etc. It will effectively improve students’ comprehensive language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.

About the Author
Mr. Cui Yonghua is a researcher in Beijing Language and Culture University. He has been engaged in the field of Chinese teaching and research since 1981. His research focuses on Chinese grammar, Chinese language teaching and Chinese information processing, and his publications include Classroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language (a collection of academic papers) and some textbooks coauthored with others, such as Standard Chinese Course, Learning Chinese and Learn Chinese through Listening, Speaking and Watching. Mr. Cui has chaired and participate in many research projects, such as Radical Standards of GB13000.1 Character Set for the Purpose of Information Processing, and has written a number of academic papers, the representative ones being Syntactic and Semantic Issues Related to Commendatory and Derogatory Adjectives, An Attempt in Analyzing the Sentence Pattern “连……也……” and About the Methodology of TCFL as a Discipline, etc.



    (1)  内容设置紧扣课本:本练习册设计了在不同环境下使用课本各课学习的词汇、语法、表达方式的练习,练习形式等均围绕课本相关内容展开。
    (2)  练习内容有用有趣:本练习册设计的练习内容,均为有用、有意思、有意义的练习,很多练习还配有漫画插图,方便学习者在实际的学习和生活中交流使用。
    (3)  练习形式丰富多样:本练习册设置了多种练习形式,如词汇练习、语法练习、交际练习、汉字练习以及任务活动等,多样的练习形式可从各方面训练、提升学习者的技能。
    (4)  练习指令清楚、操作方便:本练习册中的练习,题干采用中英文双语指令,每种题型均给出一个操作性示例,方便教师课堂教学,也便于学习者课后自学。

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