Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777

Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook. ISBN: 9787561934777
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English Title: Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids [4a] Workbook
Chinese Title: 轻松学中文 (少儿版) 4a 练习册 (英文版)
Authors: Yamin Ma, Xinying Li
ISBN-10: 7-5619-3477-7, 7561934777
ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-3477-7, 9787561934777
Binding: softcover
Pages: 71
Shipping Weight: 280g
Size: 210mm x 240mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Target Group: For primary school pupils learning Chinese
Level: beginners with prior knowledge
Usage Advice: to be used in the first semester of the fourth year at primary school
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

To be used together with Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids (Textbook 4a).

Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids is a series of Chinese textbooks specifically designed for kids from non-Chinese backgrounds. It covers four levels, each made up of Textbooks a and b (each with a CD), Workbooks a and b, a set of color picture flashcards (for students) and a set of word cards (for teachers).

This series has four characters in it, namely Ding Yi, Tian Li, Jingjing and Lele, who are primary school students from China and abroad. Beautifully designed illustrations, simple sentences and dialogues and lovely songs among other means are adopted to develop the kids’ interest in learning Chinese and help them lay a solid Chinese foundation by mastering such fundamental Chinese knowledge as numbers, basic strokes, families and daily expressions. In each volume, a cultural point is introduced through exquisite illustrations, concise words and interesting color stickers.

This is Workbook 4a in the series, which has beautiful illustrations and abundant exercises and is printed in full color. It has altogether 7 lessons encompassing such topics as telephone number, languages, daily routine, means of transport, etc. Supporting Textbook 4a, this book helps students systematically review the pinyin they’ve learned and begins to teach radicals. With a good variety of exercises, such as matching, sentence making, translation, drawing and paragraph writing, it enables students to achieve a solid grasp of the contents taught in the textbook and to put them into practice as well.

Having finished the 8 volumes in four levels, students can:
⊙ master Chinese pinyin and lay a
solid phonetic foundation
⊙ grasp about 600 words
⊙ get exposed to about 500 Chinese
⊙ learn about 60 Chinese songs
relevant to the texts
⊙ communicate in simple Chinese
⊙learn profoundly about 8 cultural points (including festivals, Beijing opera, kites, paper-cuts and calligraphy, etc.)

About the Author
Ms. Yamin Ma, with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and a master’s degree in Education, is now teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Ms. Ma has many years’ experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and knows well about the AP Chinese Program in the US and the IB Chinese Test in Europe.

轻松学中文(少儿版)英文版 练习册4a




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