Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Advanced Reading Course I. ISBN: 9787561930809

Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Advanced Reading Course I. ISBN: 9787561930809Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Advanced Reading Course I. ISBN: 9787561930809
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English Title: Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Advanced Reading Course I
Chinese Title: 发展汉语(第2版)高级阅读(Ⅰ)
ISBN-10: 7-5619-3080-1, 7561930801
ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-3080-9, 9787561930809
Binding: softcover
Pages: 156
Shipping Weight: 390g
Size: 210mm x 284mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Advanced Reading Course I.

Book Description
Developing Chinese (2nd Edition), a set of Higher Education Textbooks for the National 11th Five-Year Plan with a total of 28 volumes (or 34 books), endeavors for perfection based on the framework of its original edition and keeps pace with the times.

This set of teaching materials follows the mode used in foreign language teaching and textbook compilation, i.e., “integrating the development of comprehensive language abilities into the training of specific language skills”. It is divided into “three levels and five series”, i.e., vertically divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and horizontally divided into comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing series. Among them, the comprehensive series is the major teaching material, and the speaking, listening, reading and writing series are supplementary ones. The overall objective of this set of teaching materials is to develop students’ language abilities and communication skills to use Chinese in an all-around way and get them more interested in the language.

The reading series has a total of 4 volumes. This volume, Developing Chinese·Advanced Reading Course ( I ), is the progressive textbook for Developing Chinese·Intermediate Reading Course (II). It applies to high level or advanced level students of Chinese language who have learned an approximate 3500~4000 frequently used words.

This book consists of a total of 15 lessons, among which Lesson 8 and Lesson 15 are review lessons with 7 passages in each and 5 passages in each of the rest lessons. This book develops the  writing concepts of the first edition, highlighting the respect of students’ reading habits in daily life. In each lesson, four approaches to reading, i.e., reading in detail, reading through, skimming and scanning, are adopted to develop students’ reading skills. The selected passages use lively language data from newspapers, books and the Internet. The content is updated and practical and the exercise types are rich in variety. After learning this book, students can not only rapidly improve their ability to read Chinese articles in written form and style, but also experience and get to know the lively and real China in the contemporary times.




  阅读系列共4册,本册为《发展汉语· 高级阅读》(I),是《发展汉语·中级阅读》(II)的晋级衔接教材,适合具有准高级或高级汉语水平、大致掌握3500-4000常用词汇的汉语学习者使用。


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