Chinese Songs [Chinese-English] [+CD]. ISBN: 9787301147306

Chinese Songs [Chinese-English] [+CD]. ISBN: 9787301147306Chinese Songs [Chinese-English] [+CD]. ISBN: 9787301147306Chinese Songs [Chinese-English] [+CD]. ISBN: 9787301147306
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Format: book + CD
English Title: Chinese Songs
Chinese Title: 学唱中国歌(汉英对照)
ISBN-10: 7-301-14730-9, 7301147309
ISBN-13: 978-7-301-14730-6, 9787301147306
Binding: softcover
Pages: 150
Shipping Weight: 370g
Size: 185mm x 260mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, English
Audio: Mandarin Chinese
Publisher: Peking University Press (北京大学出版社)

19 Chinese songs are collected in this book, which can be classified into three categories: folk songs, children's ballads and contemporary popular songs. The songs are about family, love, scenery, etc. This book intends to teach in fun, students can learn Chinese through music and have a better understanding of Chinese culture.


1 祝你生日快乐
2 找朋友
3 天堂
4 掀起了你的盖头来
5 达坂城的姑娘
6 月儿弯弯照九州
7 茉莉花
8 爱情鸟
9 糊涂的爱
10 弯弯的月亮
11 常回家看看
12 青藏高原
13 雾里看花
14 阳光总在风雨后
15 一剪梅
16 心太软
17 回娘家
18 送别
19 说唱脸谱

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