Bodhidharma's Treatise on the Two Entries and Four Practices. Traditional Chinese Culture Series - The wisdom of the classics in comics. ISBN: 9787514345483

Bodhidharma's Treatise on the Two Entries and Four Practices. Traditional Chinese Culture Series - The wisdom of the classics in comics. ISBN: 9787514345483
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Chinese Title: 蔡志忠漫画中英对照版:达摩二入四行论
ISBN-10: 7-51-434548-5, 7514345485
ISBN-13: 978-7-51-434548-3, 9787514345483
Series: Traditional Chinese Culture Series
Pages: 292
Binding: softcover
Shipping Weight: 580g
Size: 168mm x 234mm
Language: modern and classical Chinese [simplified characters], English
Year of Publication: 2016
Publisher: Modern Publishing House (现代出版社)

Bodhidharma's Treatise on the Two Entries and Four Practices - Whispers of Wisdom is part of the traditional Chinese culture series and includes the 44 chapter treatise attributed to Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. Collected and popularized by the immensely popular Chinese illustrator Tsai Chih Chung, the book brings to life the spirit, philosophy and thought of ancient China through cartoon panels with a text that is irreverently humorous yet replete with wisdom. It is a great and easy tool to learn Chinese classics. Including comics strips with English and modern Chinese texts, this volume also includes footnotes with the classical Chinese texts ot this treatise.


Traditional Chinese Culture Series

The wisdom of the classsics in comics
Tsai Chih Chung`sbooks have sold over 40 million copies in 44 countries around the world


The writings of Chinese early thinkers have influenced all facets of Chinese culture and society, from education to art, from politics and warfare to common etiquette. The popular comic book artist TSAI CHIH CHUNG has faithfully brought the wisdom of these classics to life with his uniquely charming illustrations.


This series on Traditional Chinese Thought features the great thinkers of Chinese history, including:

- Confucius, the sage of harmonious living
- Laozi, the Daoist sage of natural living
- Zhuangzi, the Daoist sage of freedom and spontaneity
- Sunzi, the sage of winning without warring
- Zen masters, the sages of living in the moment


目录 Inhalt
序:佛是什么? Preface: What is Buddha? 
达摩二入四行论 Bodhidharma’s Treatise on the Two Entries and Four Practices 
入道修行纲要门 Chapter 1 Outline of Entry into the Practice of Buddhism 
第二 论主意乐差别门 Chapter 2 On the Differences Between Heaven and Hell 
第三 一相平等无别门 Chapter 3 Equality without Difference 
第四 谈论空无破执门 Chapter 4 On Emptiness and the End of Attachment 
第五 绝像离说悬虚门 Chapter 5 Essence of Emptiness without Delusions of Forms 
第六 示喻观察形色门 Chapter 6 Observation of Shapes and Forms 
第七 反诘难问现理门 Chapter 7 Revelation of the Truth Through Challenge 
第八 开示三界别相门 Chapter 8 Elucidating the Three Realms of Distinction 
第九 问答现说三宝门 Chapter 9 Catechism on the Three Treasures 
第十 定慧分释各别门 Chapter 10 Meditation and Wisdom 
第十一 诸法假相无体门 Chapter 11 The Formlessness of Dharmas in Essence 
第十二 妄想建立如幻门 Chapter 12 A Delusion of Establishing Illusions 
第十三 智断疑惑分齐门 Chapter 13 Ending Doubts and Delusions 
第十四 真俗二谛差别门 Chapter 14 Distinction Between the Two Kinds of Truth 
第十五 五种心识分异门 Chapter 15 The Five Kinds of Consciousness 
第十六 遣除病执正心门 Chapter 16 Removing Attachment and Rectifying the Heart 
第十七 离念消融差别门 Chapter 17 Elimination of All Differences 
第十八 心现示义理门 Chapter 18 The Manifestation of Principles 
第十九 比喻合当现法门 Chapter 19 Delusions from the Deluded Mind 
第二十 道心增长引导门 Chapter 20 The Guidance from the Bodhicitta 
第二十一 规域内外别相门 Chapter 21 Within and Outside the Preceptive Confines 
第二十二 心品利钝别相门 Chapter 22 Sharp vs Dull Faculties 
第二十三 一尽法界无遗门 Chapter 23 The Entire Dharma Realm  
第二十四 无我无执如空门 Chapter 24 No—self and No Attachment 
第二十五 是道非道差别门 Chapter 25 The Difference Between the Accepted Way and the Deviant Way  
第二十六 邪正一相同体门 Chapter 26 No Distinction Between the Correct and the Incorrect  
第二十七 生死涅槃无二门 Chapter 27 No Distinction Between Life and Death 
第二十八 大道远近分别门 Chapter 28 The Distance to the Great Way 
第二十九 大道觉悟易难门 Chapter 29 Awareness of the Great Way 
第三十 上士无障无碍门 Chapter 30 No Difficulty for A True Practitioner
第三十一 正见邪见别体门 Chapter 31 The Correct vs the Incorrect 
第三十二 法界菩提差别门 Chapter 32 The Difference between the Dharma Realm and Bodhi  
第三十三 开示甚深境界门 Chapter 33 Elucidation 
第三十四 诸法不动寂静门 Chapter 34 All Dharmas Still 
第三十五 诸法因缘无生门 Chapter 35 No Generation of Cause and Effect 
第三十六 诸法因缘假有门 Chapter 36 The Deceiving Cause and Effect  
第三十七 心性广大无碍门 Chapter 37 Vast Mind 
第三十八 有知无知差别门 Chapter 38 The Difference between Perception and Nonperception 
第三十九 明觉不觉差别门 Chapter 39 The Difference Between Enlightenment and Non—enlightenment  
第四十 建立波罗蜜多门  Chapter 40 The Establishment of Paramitas 
第四十一 心性远离结缚门 Chapter 41 The Detachment of the Mind 
第四十二 体用无住离边门 Chapter 42 The Mind Is Attached to neither Existence nor Non-existence
第四十三 心德自在无碍门 Chapter 43 The Carefree Mind 
第四十四 随心诸法有无门 Chapter 44 The Mind and the Dharmas 
诸方杂举 Some More Cases 
(附录) 达摩禅观门 
心经颂 An Ode to theHeart Sutra 
达摩祖师 序言 Bodhidharma Prologue 
心经诵 本文 An Ode to the Heart Sutra 
心经颂 完毕 An Ode to the Heart Sutra [Original Scripture]
达摩禅观门 Contemplation on Zen 

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