Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Water Margin 1-4 [Set 4 vol.]

Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Water Margin 1-4 [Set 4 vol.]Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners [Literary Stories] - Level 2: Water Margin 1-4 [Set 4 vol.]
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Format: complete set 4 vol.
English Title: Water Margin 1-4
Chinese Title: 水浒传1-4
Series: Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners 学汉语分级读物
Subseries: Level 2 - Literary Stories - 800 character level 第二级 文学故事 800字
Binding: softcover
Pages: 107 (1), 99 (2), 101 (3), 103 (4)
Shipping Weight: 580g
Size: 145mm x 210mm
Language: simplified Chinese, partially
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press 北京语言文化大学出版社

The series Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners is composed of 50 books, divided into three subseries, namely folktales, literary stories and historical stories, corresponding to Levels 1-3 respectively. The “Literary Stories” subseries is based on the Four Great Classical Novels in ancient China. From each novel some epic snippets are extracted and adapted into 4-6 books, each with 20-30 thousand characters. Altogether there are 20 books in the subseries, six of which are from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, four from Water Margin, six from Journey to the West and four from Dream of the Red Chamber. At aolifo we offer you the whole set of the water margin, so this offer includes books 1-4.

Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels, tells the story of 108 heroes at the end of Northern Song Dynasty, Song Jiang as their head, who gathered together and rose in rebellion and then were recruited by the government to fight battles. There are four books in this series based on this novel, namely Driven to Join the Liangshan Rebels, The Corrupt Official’s Birthday Gift, Wu Song, and Song Jiang.

Included in this set are these volumes:
Water Margin 1: Driven to Join the Liangshan Rebels ISBN: 9787561942703
Driven to Join the Liangshan Rebels tells how Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen and others were forced to become Liangshan rebels. Lin Chong was the coach of 800,000 imperial guards. Gao Qiu’s foster son had his eye on Lin Chong’s wife and tried several times to take her but failed. He then plotted against Lin Chong and tricked Lin Chong into the forbidden military conference room. For that reason, Lin Chong was tattooed on the face and banished to Cang Zhou and was almost killed by the escorts on the way. Fortunately, he was saved by Lu Zhishen. But Gao Qiu’s son wouldn’t stop. He sent men to kill Lin Chong, who were killed by Lin Chong instead. Lin Chong had no choice but to go to Liangshan with the help of Lord Chai. 

Margin 2: The Corrupt Official’s Birthday Gift ISBN: 9787561942710
The Corrupt Official’s Birthday Gift tells how Chao Gai, Wu Yong and the Ruan brothers took the birthday tribute escorted by Yang Zhi by strategy. Yang Zhi was from a military general’s family. Skilled in martial arts, he wanted to find an official position in the capital. But then he accidentally killed a rogue on the street and was therefore tattooed on the face and banished to Daming Prefecture where he was assigned the task of escorting the birthday tribute to the Prime Minister. Yang Zhi was extremely cautious, but still was robbed of the tribute by Chao Gai and a few others. Yang Zhi was so helpless he went to Erlong Mountain; he met Lu Zhishen on the way. Driven to a corner as wanted fugitives, Chao Gai and the others went to Liangshan. With Lin Chong’s help, Chao Gai became the new chief of Liangshan. 

Water Margin 3: Wu Song ISBN: 9787561942734
Wu Song tells the story of Wu Song being driven to join the Liangshan rebels. Wu Song was born with extraordinary strength. He killed a tiger with bear hands and became a military officer in Yanggu County. However, his brother was murdered and the local government wouldn’t do him justice. To avenge his brother, Wu Song killed the murderers Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing and therefore was tattooed on the face and banished to Mengzhou. Later in Mengzhou, Wu Song, being drunk, beat Jiang Menshen out of justice. Then he was framed by Inspector Zhang, but he escaped and killed his enemy. He went to Erlong Mountain and later joined the Liangshan rebels.

Water Margin 4: Song Jiang ISBN: 9787561942727
Song Jiang tells the story of Songjiang, an obliging man who was forced to join the Liangshan rebels after a series of incidents. Song Jiang was friends with Chao Gai and others on Liangshan. His letters with them were discovered by his concubine Yan Poxi, who tried to take this opportunity to blackmail him. Song Jiang killed her out of desperation and ran away to take refuge. When visiting his friend Hua Rong, Song Jiang was framed and therefore decided to go to Liangshan leading the forces of Qingfeng Mountain. However, having fallen for a trick played by his father, he went home and was punished by the royal court with a facial tattoo and banishment to Jiangzhou. One day when he was drunk, Song Jiang wrote a “rebellious” poem, which was taken advantage of by Huang Wenbing and for which he was given the death penalty. Thanks to Chao Gai and the group he led, Song Jiang was rescued and went to Liangshan. After Chao Gai died, Song Jiang set his mind on being recruited by the government. After being recruited, most of the Liangshan heroes died. Song Jiang and his sworn brother Li Kui also died from poisoned wine and had a tragic ending. 


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