Dr. Shoes [Phoenibird Level 3-4]. ISBN: 9787561950920

Dr. Shoes [Phoenibird Level 3-4]. ISBN: 9787561950920Dr. Shoes [Phoenibird Level 3-4]. ISBN: 9787561950920Dr. Shoes [Phoenibird Level 3-4]. ISBN: 9787561950920
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Stories to Be Read Aloud with Your Child 
The Phoenibird Picturebook Series is tailored for preschool children aged 3-6. Through listening to the audio, reading with the pictures, and reading aloud the stories, children may immerse themselves in the poetic language and beautiful scene, so that their sense of the Chinese language, of the rhyme and rhythm, and their abilities in cognition, thinking and expression will be developed. 

The Phoenibird Picturebook Series can be used as children’s reading materials for children to read aloud with their parents or teacher, or as textbooks supported by free resources such as word cards and pinyin.  

The suggested reading order for Level 3 books:
1.         Colorful Secrets
2.         Animal Fashion Show
3.         Tick! Tick! The Clock Goes!
4.         Dr. Shoes
5.         A Tooth Comes Loose
6.         A Caterpillar
7.         Thinking Too Much Changes You
8.         The Power to Be Oneself

About the Author
Ms. Li Min obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Central China Science and Technological University and National University of Singapore. She has taught in Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, Nanyang Technological University, before joining Ji’nan University, Guangzhou. Apart from lecturing on courses on reading and writing, she has been the principal investigator for several research projects focusing on reading and readability as well as the development of an online reading platform, and her major publications include “Flying Fish Graded Picture Books Series (36 books)” with reading pens.

Dr. Fan Jinghua studied in Beijing Normal University, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, and worked in Southeast University (Nanjing) and Indiana University (Bloomington), USA, and is currently working in Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, NTU, Singapore. Dr. Fan has been PIs for several national level projects, mainly on language teaching and learning difficulties. Dr. Fan is also a bilingual poet and translator.






1. 五颜六色的秘密
2. 动物服装秀
3. 时钟嘀嗒嘀嗒
4. 鞋博士
5. 牙齿晃动了
6. 一只毛毛虫
7. 想多了就变了
8. 自在的本领

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