The Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei. Library of Chinese Classics [Chinese-English]. ISBN: 9787563353200

The Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei. Library of Chinese Classics [Chinese-English]. ISBN: 9787563353200
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Format: 3 volumes
ISBN-10: 7-56-335320-8, 7563353208
ISBN-13: 978-7-56-335320-0, 9787563353200
Chinese Title: 吕氏春秋 - 大中华文库 (汉英对照) (套装共3册)
Library of Chinese Classics
English/Modern Chinese Translation: Zhai Jiangyue 翟江月
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 1249
Shipping Weight: 2420g
Size: 160mm x 240mm
Language: classical and modern Chinese (simplified Chinese), English
Year of Publication: 2005
Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press 广西师范大学出版社

The Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei (吕氏春秋), 3 volume hardcover edition. The Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei is a collection of writings by the guests of Lü Buwei, the famous prime minister of the state of Qin, and edited by Lü Buwei during the late Warring States period. This collection divides into 3 parts: the 12 records, the 8 views and the 6 discussions with altogether 160 articles. 

Library of Chinese classics: The Spring and Autumn of Lü Buwei (吕氏春秋 ) in a 3 volume hardcover edition. We recommend this set as a wonderful addition to any library, published by Guangxi Normal University Press in 2005 with altogether 1249 pages in 3 volumes. In modern Chinese and classical Chinese (simplified Chinese) and English translation.

Library of Chinese Classics shows a mirror format, this means the classical text and the translated modern Chinese text, each in simplified characters, is followed by the English translation, page by page throughout the book. As the books of Library of Chinese classics series are bilingual they are not only suitable for libraries, collectors of ancient Chinese texts, classical Chinese schloars and sinologists, but also due to the beauty and high quality of the books and the works, also for readers interested in Chinese culture,  learners of Chinese and native Chinese readers.

吕氏春秋 - 大中华文库 (汉英对照) (套装共3册) 

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