Graded Chinese Reader 2 + MP3-CD [3000 Words - Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories]. ISBN: 9787802003750

Graded Chinese Reader 2 + MP3-CD [3000 Words - Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories]. ISBN: 9787802003750Graded Chinese Reader 2 + MP3-CD [3000 Words - Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories]. ISBN: 9787802003750Graded Chinese Reader 2 + MP3-CD [3000 Words - Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories]. ISBN: 9787802003750Graded Chinese Reader 2 + MP3-CD [3000 Words - Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories]. ISBN: 9787802003750
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Format: Book + MP3-CD
Chinese Title: 汉语分级阅读2
ISBN-10: 7-80200-375-X, 780200375X
ISBN-13: 978-7-80200-375-0, 9787802003750
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 257
Shipping Weight: 380g
Size: 144mm x 211mm
Language: simplified Chinese, pinyin, with English annotations

Graded Chinese Reader 2 (with MP3-CD) contains selected, abridged Chinese contemporary short stories in Chinese characters and pinyin. We recommend to finish Graded Chinese Reader volume 1 before starting to read volume 2. 

Reading Guide
1. Abridged versions of short stories and novellas written by contemporary Chinese writers reflecting everyday life of ordinary Chinese people;
2. The book contains around 3000 Chinese words based on the HSK vocabulary;
3. The book focuses on concise and short sentences with complete structure and commonly used words in high frequency;
4. Pinyin is added to the full text and English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided;
5. “Guide to reading” and “About the author” in English and “Questions” in Chinese follow each story;
6. With original illustrations for each story and narration included with CD (mp3).

1. 浪进船舱 (lang jin chuangcang, originally written by Zhou Daxin 周大新): A romantic and moving story about an American-born Chinese girl marrying into a Chinese family in the army...
2. 不会变形的金刚 (bu hui bianxing de jin gang, originally written by Bi Shumin 毕淑敏): An ordinary Chinese mum facing thorny issue in educating her kid...
3. 讹诈 (e zha, originally written by Liang Xiaosheng 梁晓声): The old accountant of a company was murdered just before he retired...
4. 遍地白花 (bian di baihua, originally written by Liu Qingbang 刘庆邦): A female painter comes to a remote and unsophisticated small village...
5. 校园三曲 (xiaoyuan san qu, originally written by Xie Jingyuan 谢竞远): What do college students in China do and think...

It is well-known that reading practice is an effective method to improve one’s proficiency in an foreign language. For students of Chinese as a foreign language, learning how to read Chinese is an essential and necessary process for getting familiar with Chinese words. However, to become effectively literate, one needs to have a command of about 3000 to 5000 Chinese words. For students of Chinese as a foreign language, getting acquainted with such a large Chinese vocabulary is quite a heavy burden. But students are eager to read in Chinese, even with their limited Chinese vocabulary. The author once taught Chinese in the Deparment of Venice University and found that the students needed some simple Chinese materials to improve their reading ability. Graded Chinese Readers are such simplified books designed for students of Chinese as a foreign language. The main purpose of Graded Chinese Readers is to help students improve their reading comprehension. Graded Chinese Readers can be useful both inside and outside the classroom.

Clarity, readability and language practicability are characteristics of the selected short stories and novella. Some are prize-winning works. The stories describe Chinese people’s lives and various social changes that have happened in the last twenty years in China. Therefore, students of Chinese as a foreign language can gain a better knowledge of the everyday life of Chinese people through some literary works and some important contemporary Chinese writers. In order to help readers have a good comprehension of these works, there is “Guide to reading” before each story, and after each reading there are some questions based on the stories and a brief introduction to the writers.

The vocabulary of Graded Chinese Reader 2 is limited to about 3000 Chinese words. This is based on the 1033 Chinese words defined as basic vocabulary in the Level A (甲级词汇) of the Chinese Proficiency Test (汉语水平考试,HSK), together with 2018 words from the Level B of HSK basic vocabulary (乙级词汇).

In Graded Chinese Reader 2, the most common words are used, and appear frequently for students to memorize. In the book, Chinese sentences are reasonably short, and complex sentences are avoided. In some cases different sentences are used to paraphrase more difficult sentences for clarification. Pinyin is given to the stories so that students can review and memorize pronunciation of Chinese words and look them up in a dictionary by themselves. In each story, for some key words, difficult words, idioms and difficult sentences, notes and examples are given at the side of each page. Notes are unique to each story so readers can choose any story to begin to read without turning to the notes in other stories. In order to improve listening comprehension of students of Chinese as a foreign language CDs in mp3 format are attached to each book. In addition, the stories are illustrated with pictures, which can help students understand the stories better. In summary the aims of Graded Chinese Readers are to reduce the difficulty of Chinese reading, to enlarge the readers’ vocabulary, and to improve Chinese reading and listening ability.



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