Cantonese Today [Xinbian Jinri Yueyu] Vol. 1 [+ 3 CD]. ISBN: 9787561915097

Cantonese Today [Xinbian Jinri Yueyu] Vol. 1 [+ 3 CD]. ISBN: 9787561915097Cantonese Today [Xinbian Jinri Yueyu] Vol. 1 [+ 3 CD]. ISBN: 9787561915097Cantonese Today [Xinbian Jinri Yueyu] Vol. 1 [+ 3 CD]. ISBN: 9787561915097
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Format: book + 3 CD
English Title: Cantonese Today Vol. 1 (+ 3 CD)
Chinese Title: 新编今日粤语·上册 (+ 3 CD)
ISBN-10: 7-56-191509-8, 7561915098
ISBN-13: 978-7-56-191509-7, 9787561915097
Binding: softcover
Pages: 242
Shipping Weight: 650g
Size: 184mm x 260mm
Language: simplified Chinese, Jyutping, with Chinese vocabulary annotations
Audio: Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese
Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

Cantonese Today Volume 1 - this is a Cantonese textbook compiled by Cantonese teachers in Guangzhou and Hong Kong on the initiative of the TCFL Association in Guangdong Province. It is a Cantonese textbook for non-Cantonese speakers in China and for foreigners who have a basic knowledge of Chinese standard language. Some places, such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong, where people speak Cantonese, have advanced in business and attract a large number of people to study or do business there. Only good textbooks are unfortunately available in small numbers. This set contains the book and 3 accompanying audio CDs, including the audio introduction, dialogues, new words, and lesson texts in the book. The audio recordings contain the Cantonese language primarily, notes are additionally read in Mandarin Chinese.

Structure of the lessons. Typically, the lessons initially include vocabulary, additional vocabulary, dialogues, lesson texts, notes, and exercises. Attached is an alphabetical vocabulary list and the answers to the exercises. This textbook has been edited for learners who have already gained knowledge of Standard Chinese and can read Chinese texts. All notes are in Chinese only, also the vocabulary notes. The lesson texts and the vocabulary are accompanied by the Cantonese transliteration "Jyutping" (also "Jyutpin").


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