The Roots of Wisdom - Heart Sutra: The Flavor of Life. Traditionelle Chinesische Kultur Serie - Die Weisheit der Klassiker in Comics [zweisprachig Chinesisch, Englisch]. ISBN: 9787514317626

The Roots of Wisdom - Heart Sutra: The Flavor of Life. Traditionelle Chinesische Kultur Serie - Die Weisheit der Klassiker in Comics [zweisprachig Chinesisch, Englisch]. ISBN: 9787514317626The Roots of Wisdom - Heart Sutra: The Flavor of Life. Traditionelle Chinesische Kultur Serie - Die Weisheit der Klassiker in Comics [zweisprachig Chinesisch, Englisch]. ISBN: 9787514317626
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Chinesischer Titel: 蔡志忠漫画中国传统文化经典:菜根谭·心经(中英文对照版)
ISBN-10: 7-51-431762-7, 7514317627

ISBN-13: 978-7-51-431762-6, 9787514317626
Serie: Traditional Chinese Culture Series
Seitenzahl: 261 Seiten
Ausgabe: Softcover
Versandgewicht: 590g
Format: 170mm x 235mm
Sprache: modernes Chinesisch, klassisches Chinesisch [Kurzzeichen], Englisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Verlag: Modern Publishing House (现代出版社)

Dieser Band der traditionellen chinesischen Kulturserie enthält die zwei Teile "The Roots of Wisdom - Flavor of Life" und "The Heart Sutra of Perfect Wisdom".

The Roots of Wisdom - The Flavor of Life ist Teil der Traditionellen Chinesischen Kultur Serie und bietet englischsprachige Comic-Strips begleitet von chinesischen Text in Kurzzeichen über die klassische chinesische Philosphie des Verhaltens und Benehmens in der Gesellschaft. Zusammengetragen und adaptiert durch den extrem populären chinesischen Illustrator Tsai Chih Chung erhalten Sie in diesem reichhaltigen Buch Einblick in über 100 Verhaltsweisen für den Leser von heute - voller Weisheit und doch so humorvoll und originell präsentiert. Ein tolles Werkzeug, um chinesische Klassiker zu verstehen. Zweisprachig modernchinesisch-englisch sowie mit zusätzlich dem klassischen chiinesischen Text in den Anmerkungen.

Das Herz Sutra (心经, auch Sutra der höchsten Weisheit) gehört zu den bekanntesten Texten des Mahayana-Buddhismus. Zumeist jedoch wird nicht das Sanskrit-Original, sondern die chinesische Fassung studiert. Zusammengetragen durch den populären Illustrator Tsai Chih Chung sind in dieser Fassung über 60 Sutra Verse für den Leser von heute enthalten, die die Philosophie des Buddhismus durch Comic-Strips leicht verständlich machen. Ein Text voller Weisheit, der sich hervorragend für das Studium chinesischer Klassiker eignet. Modernchinesisch-englisch beschriftet mit zusätzlichen Anmerkungen und dem klassischen Originaltext im Anhang.

1. The Roots of Wisdom
Know the flavor within the plain
See the wonder within the common
Urgency in leisure
Leisure in toil
In plainness is ambition realized
In richness is integrity compromised
Opened wide before you
Enduring kindness after
On a path, yield a step
In tasting, share a bite
Chivalry. in making friends
Purity in living life
To retreat is to advance
To give is to receive
Arrogance negates achievement
Repentance annuls misdeeds
Movement and stillness in harmony
are the Dao's genuine body
Those of coaches and crowns
wish for woods and springs.
Those of hills and woods yearn for halls and temples
Do not let industry become drudgery
Do not treat others with indifference
Know to retreat a step
Try to yield a bit
Do not despise the underling
Treat the gentleman with propriety
Transcending heaven and earth
Entering among fame and fortune
Cultivating virtue takes forgetting fame
Acquiring knowledge requires a mind of depth
The ways of truth and deceit reside in a single thought
Forget achievement but not transgressions
Forget blame hut not kindness
An evil person's learning
Serves to abet evil
Long for sageliness in learning, practice what you preach.
Care for the people when in office,
cultivate virtue in your career.
The delight of joy is often found in the midst of hardship.
The pang of disappointment
comes in times of fulfillment
Modesty brings benefit
Complacency. courts danger
Do not envy eminence
Do not dread hunger
A hidden evil is a cardinal evil
A flaunted good is a minor good
A country, prospers through worry and toil
The self is lost through idle leisure
A single thought of selfish greed
A thousand pains without return
If the master of the mind is on alert
The bandits six shall show no trace
Pushing the present enterprise
Planning for future success
Not caught up in material things
Not keeping the sounds and shadows
Tranquillity amid tumult is genuine
Pleasure amid hardship is genuine pleasure
Strive to cultivate achievement and virtue
Do not covet power and status
A perfect essay takes no nnnsual skill
A perfect character is simply natural
Life does not endure
So do not live in vain
When grasping hold of plenty
A gentleman treads lightly
Turn your eyes to the big view
Turn your hands to the details
Love too heavy turns to hate
A meager jot can turn to joy
Do not open up to the devious
Do not say much to the arrogant
Forbear much
Reveal little
People are microcosms of the universe
The universe is the parent of people
Family ethics are innate
Without the need for pride or thanks
Gone with the praise of beauty
Goes insult of the unsightly
Virtue should guide talent
without talent shirking virtue
Do not pursue a desperate enemy
Careful the object you throw at a mouse
To flock to power and influence is common to human nature
Observe with a cool eye
Do not rashly vent your spleen
When the human heart is unresolved
The moral mind is indistinct
It is the wonder of natural transformations
That cannot be matched by human ingenuity
When the clouds are gone, the moon appears
When the dust is cleared,the mirror shines
Bravely retreat in rapid currents
Struggle not against the world
Better to have plain simplicity than elaborate embellishment
Better to recount the ancients than discuss the moderns
Cultivating virtue within yourself is the foundation of successfid endeavor
with a good heart, children and grandchildren prosper
with strong roots, leaves and branches flourish
Do not be quick to belittle yourself
Do not boast or act arrogantly
The Dao is a public thing
Learning is a home-cooked meal
Be severe with yourself and lenient toward others
People's feelings are warm and cold
The world's attitude is hot and cool
A mind of compassion
A motive for life
In office, fairness and integrity
At home, tolerance and thrift
In prosperity, understand poverty
In stability, think about peril
Do not antagonize the petty one
Do not flatter the gentleman
The vicissitudes of life are not worth dwelling on
Parties and pleasure, music and lust, reputation and status
Several things to be approached with temperance
Observe others coolly
Conduct affairs intelligently
A frenzied nature injures the world
Peace and harmony invite blessings
Do not immediately accept rumored evil
Do not immediately approach rumored good
Severity drives away good people
Carelessness invites wicked friends
Do not make blithe promises or lose your temper
Do not meddle in others' affairs or fail to finish
Closely guard the mouth
Staunchly check ambition
Neither troubled in hardship
Nor fearful of authority
The Roots of Wisdom
Part the Second
Talkers rarely pay attention to actions
Debaters don't necessarily understand
Doing nothing with nothing to do
Carefree playing in purest leisure
The confines of the world are created by us
Taking joy in nature's delights
Stunning views are never far
The mind quiet, original substance appears
The water clear, the moon's reflection shines
Better to see the interior than know the exterior
The spirit employed always
beats the form employed
The heart free of desire quiets heaven and earth
A home with books and music becomes a magic kingdom
The wonder of knowing the mysteries
The wisdom of seeing delight
The myriad appearances are empty illusions
The enlightened person must have comprehension
In the bubble that is life
Why fight over fame and fortune
Narrow or broad, short or long ,they're all from the thoughts of the mind
I make friends with the leisurely clouds and take the scenery as my home
Recluses have no honor or disgrace
Morality knows neither hot nor cold
The reclusive one is intelligent
Reducing tasks brings peace
To transcend splendor and solitude
To be at comfort anywhere
Enlightened ones have no attachments
Quiet and calm make no difference
Understanding is found in simplicity.
Enlightenment isn't far away
Movement and stillness come with ease
Leaving and entering without obstruction
Holding on means a sea of suffering
Letting go means a land of paradise
Sleeping and playing in nature
Escaping the dusty world
A world among clouds
A universe in tranquilhty
No hope for splendor
No fear of power
An inspirational environment
Attuning the mind, cultivating the spirit
Better the brisk air of autumn
than the vibrancy of spring
Achieve the true sentiments of a poet
Realize the mysterious truths of Zen
An image is born, issued from the mind
An image is gone, following the mind
Coming and going at will
Dissolved in confident ease
An acquisitive mind breeds deviant thoughts
A vacuous mind breeds decent thoughts
The wealthy have many worries
The noble have many dangers
Live life hke flowing water, drooping flowers
The body and mind must always be at ease
Living in the world, forget the world
Transcending things, enjoy nature
Life itself does not endure
How can prosperity he counted on
Scorn or favor brings no surprise
Going or staying makes no difference
The sea of suffering is vast and far
Turn your head to the other shore
Seeking the Buddha on the inside
Spurning the dharmas on the outside
In the charm of the wilds and places replete
Poetical springs well up from inside
Live in the world, transcend the world
The True Emptiness is not empty
Praise and slander, libel and fame
Resigned to all the world can give
He who knows his original nature has no patience for talk of Zen
The genuine leaves not the illusory
The refined leaves not the mundane
A blanket of straw and vegetables plain nourish a natural harmony
To cut off all your worries
A sunny breeze, an after-rain moon
Minding the body and mind
Freedom in indulgence and restraint
Nature and the mind
Harmonize as one
Winner and loser, beautiful and ugly are just momentary illusions
Good and had fortune, suffering and joy
There is only the difference of a single thought
With quiet patience and constant
A foot of iron is ground into a pin
After a rain, the mountains seem fresh
In the night, a bell rings clear
Snowstorm studying purifies the spirit
Hilhop vistas expand the mind
A thousand gallons, a single hair
Each exists witbin the mind
Understand the self based on the self
Allow for things to take care of themselves
Do not over work yourself
Enjoy the beauty of nature
A passing wind, the moon's reflection
Leave and then are gone
On reaching fullness, the moon wanes
One who reaches fulfillment abstains
Grasp the essentials and move gout freely
Transcend sensual desires
Achieve life' s delights
Appendix: further reading
2. The Heart Sutra of Perfect Wisdom

Material World And Kong
Work While You Work; Play While You Play
Everyone Has Unique Qualities
Do Not Be Concerned about the Past; Only Care about the Present
Ivory and the Buddhist Rosary
The Silkworm and the Spider
Asking for Too Much
Two Frogs
The Cicada and the Fox
Silver and Rock
Discontent Is a Disease
A Person' s Worst Enemy
A New Interpretation for the Chinese Legend of Turning an Iron Rod into a Needle
Only What We Hold in Our Hands Is Meaningful
Know Yourself and Stay within Your Capabilities
The Fox and the Grape Vineyard
Everyone Should Have Two Birthdays
The Wild Donkey and the Domesticated Donkey
The Butcher Who Crossed His Level of Competence
The Cry of the Donkey & the Singing of the Cicada
The Mosquito & the Ox
Life Is in the Living
What Is a True "Elephant"?
The Enlightenment of a Blade of Grass
Water & Coffee
There Is No Absolute Right or Wrong in Life
The Tao Road
Trying Too Hard
The Sadness of the Pinky Finger
Buddha and a Pile of Shit
The Eight Types of Emotional Winds Could Not Move Him; Yet, One Passing of Gas Blows Him across the River
The Transformation of the Self
Discussion of Zen Is Nauseating
"Being"and Not "Having"
Ownership and Being A Part Of Metamorphosis
Play One's Role in Life
Be All You Can Be
Recovery of the Soul
Do Not Be Attached and Let the Essence of the Heart Emerge
Ultimate Kong and Special Being
Losing and Winning
The Prison of Life
The Fish and the Bird
Big and Small
Past and Present
To Have and Not to Have
Loneliness and Nagging
The Mountain Has No Feet. I Do
Be a Carefree Urban Bear
Not Able to See the Heart of Things
Two Points of View
Do You Own Yourself?
Big vs. Small & Abundant vs. Scarce
The Meaning of Life
The Spirit of Everything
Self-Reflection as the First Priority
The Clouds Desire Pretty Attire and the Flowers Desire Pretty Faces
Loss Is Gain
The Story of 1
Appendix: further reading

Traditionelle Chinesische Kultur Serie - Die Weisheit der Klassiker in Comics. Diese Serie greift die Schriften der bekanntesten frühen Denker der chinesischen Kultur auf und stellt dem klassischen Text die korrespondierende vereinfachte englische Übersetzung mit Comiczeichnungen gegenüber.

Traditional Chinese Culture Series

The wisdom of the classsics in comics
Tsai Chih Chung`sbooks have sold over 40 million copies in 44 countries around the world


The writings of Chinese early thinkers have influenced all facets of Chinese culture and society, from education to art, from politics and warfare to common etiquette. The popular comic book artist TSAI CHIH CHUNG has faithfully brought the wisdom of these classics to life with his uniquely charming illustrations.


This series on Traditional Chinese Thought features the great thinkers of Chinese history, including:

- Confucius, the sage of harmonious living
- Laozi, the Daoist sage of natural living
- Zhuangzi, the Daoist sage of freedom and spontaneity
- Sunzi, the sage of winning without warring
- Zen masters, the sages of living in the moment


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