Chinese Literature [Celebrating Chinese Culture]. ISBN: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436

Chinese Literature [Celebrating Chinese Culture]. ISBN: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436Chinese Literature [Celebrating Chinese Culture]. ISBN: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436Chinese Literature [Celebrating Chinese Culture]. ISBN: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436Chinese Literature [Celebrating Chinese Culture]. ISBN: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436
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Englischer Titel: Chinese Literature
ISBN-10: 981-229-643-3, 9812296433
ISBN-13: 978-981-229-643-6, 9789812296436
Ausgabe: Softcover
Seitenanzahl: 256
Versandgewicht: 460g
Format: 170mm x 240mm
Sprache: Englisch
Verlag: Asiapac Books (亚太图书有限公司)
Die Buchserie Celebrating Chinese Culture besteht aus verschiedenen Titeln, die innerhalb ihres Themenkomplexes jeweils ein Einzelthema auf einer Doppelseite anschaulich erklären. Das leicht zu lesende Format beruht laut der Herausgeberin Lim Li Kok auf dem weltweit wohl erfolgreichsten Format, um anschaulich Themenkomplexe zu erklären. So erscheint der Haupttext auf einer Doppelseite innen auf einer Breite von zwei Drittel. Außen links oben steht jeweils eine kurze Einleitung, die in das Themengebiet einführt, außen rechts unten stehen weitergehende Inormationen, jeweils flankiert von Bildern und Illustrationen.   
In this volume, Chinese Literature, you will meet great minds among the Chinese literates. Since reading is a form of pleasure that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, literature gives us the opportunity to meet great writers in Chinese history who have distilled their thoughts on life and society. This book will track the development of literature from the pre-Qin Dynasty era to the last monarchal regime, the Qing Dynasty.

Have you enjoyed these literary greats?
* The Confucian Classics for scholarly pursuits.
* The Four Main Literary Works for the mass.
* Modern Chinese literature that inspires and stirs the nation.

Asiapac Books (Singapore) and Foreign Languages Press (Beijing) have collaborated to bring you this comprehensive coverage of various facets of the Chinese society so you can appreciate all things Chinese. Come, let’s celebrate!
Celebrate Chinese Culture Series
Celebrate Chinese Culture is an epic series of books about the different facets of Chinese heritage throughout history. China’s modernity cannot be fully understood without looking into its glorious past of milestones in scientific inventions, political exploits and artistic distinction. This series will provide the reader with an insight into one of the world’s magnificent civilizations.
"The book series is the embodiment of the painstaking efforts of many distinguished scholars and translators. It is a much needed work that encompasses the 5000 years of Chinese civilization and achievements, and is presented is such a way that one can consult the series for a comprehensive view of China's past." Prof. Lee Cheuk Yin(Department of Chinese Studies, National University os Singapore)

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