Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561930762

Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561930762Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561930762Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561930762Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]. ISBN: 9787561930762
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2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt) 2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt)
Lieferumfang: Lehrbuch + Schriftzeichenübungsheft + MP3-CD
Englischer Titel: Developing Chinese [2nd Edition] Elementary Comprehensive Course I [+MP3-CD]
Chinesischer Titel: 发展汉语(第2版)初级综合(Ⅰ)(附汉字练习本,含1MP3)
ISBN-10: 7-5619-3076-3, 7561930763
ISBN-13: 978-7-5619-3076-2, 9787561930762
Ausgabe: Softcover
Seitenzahl: 350 (Lehrbuch), 36 (Schriftzeichenübungsheft)
Versandgewicht: 930g
Format: 210mm x 284mm
Sprache: Chinesisch [Kurzzeichen, Pinyin], Englisch
Audio: Mandarin Chinesisch
Verlag: Beijing Language and Culture University Press (北京语言文化大学出版社)

Developing Chinese [2nd Edition]: Elementary Comprehensive Course I, mit beiliegender MP3-CD sowie Schriftzeichenübungsheft.

Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) is a set of nationally planned textbook for higher education during the "Eleventh Five-Year". Based on the well-designed structure of the first edition, this edition adds more elements in tune with the times. It includes 28 volumes with altogether 34 books.

Combining the cultivation of integrated language skills with the training of specific language skills in its compilation, this set of textbooks can be divides into three levels (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and five series (comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing), among which the comprehensive series is the bulk and the others are the accompanying series. The overall purpose is to develop and improve the students' Chinese language skills, Chinese communication skills, integrated Chinese capabilities as well as enhance their interest and ability in learning Chinese.

The whole set has made some new attempts to diversify the language styles and registers, to systemize and specialize language elements, language knowledge and the training of language skills, to reveal the rich and varied social life in modern China and to show the diverse and tolerant Chinese culture.

The Elementary Comprehensive Course (I), with altogether 30 lessons, is suitable for total beginners or beginners who can communicate in the simplest Chinese. After finishing this volume, learners can master: (1) the most essential Chinese phonetic knowledge and pronunciation skills; (2) common Chinese words at the elementary stage; (3) basic patterns of Chinese sentences; (4) basic stokes, stroke order and structures of Chinese characters as well as the ability to write the characters; (5) the ability to communicate in elementary Chinese and use Chinese to solve simple problems in their study and daily life; (6) the basic learning and communication strategies; (7) a preliminary knowledge of the Chinese culture related to communication and a fundamental cross-cultural awareness.

A CD of MP3 file is attached to the textbook, with the phonetic exercises, new words and texts, etc., in each lesson recorded in it. An accompanying Workbook of Chinese Characters is provided for the students to practice writing Chinese characters.


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