YCT Standard Course 3. ISBN: 9787040445909

YCT Standard Course 3. ISBN: 9787040445909YCT Standard Course 3. ISBN: 9787040445909YCT Standard Course 3. ISBN: 9787040445909
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2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt) 2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt)
Englischer Titel: YCT Standard Course 3
Chinesischer Titel: YCT标准教程3
ISBN-10: 7-04-044590-5, 7040445905
ISBN-13: 978-7-04-044590-9, 9787040445909
Serie: YCT Standard Course
Herausgeber: Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters
Ausgabe: Softcover
Seitenzahl: 74
Versandgewicht: 270g
Format: 210mm x 284mm
Sprache: Chinesisch [Kurzzeichen, Pinyin], Englisch
Audio: Mandarin Chinesisch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2016
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Verlag: Higher Education Press (高等教育出版社)

Dies ist YCT Standard Course Band 3, geeignet für Schüler und Jugendliche von 8-15 Jahren. Band 3 richtet sich an Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen YCT Standard Course Band 1 und 2. Band 3 enthält 80 Wörter und 26 grammatische und funktionelle Punkte von YCT Stufe 3. Als empfohlene Nutzungsdauer werden 3-4 Unterrichtsstunden je Lektion vorgeschlagen. Am Ende jeder Lektion sind kurze Tests enthalten. Die Hördateien zum Buch können unter dem oben angegebenen Link kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.

Book 3
YCT Standard Course (Book 3) is designed for entry level primary school and middle school students. The book has 12 lessons, covering 80 words, 26 grammar and function items of YCT level 3. Lessons 1—11 are teaching lessons while lesson 12 is a revision lesson. The suggested class hours for each lesson are 3-4 hours.

Each lesson in Book 3 consists of Key sentences, Let's learn (new words), Let's read (texts), Activities and exercises, Songs, Mini stories and Model test page.

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of primary school and middle school students whose mother tongue is not Chinese to use the Chinese language in their daily lives and study. YCT Standard Course has been developed based on the analysis of YCT papers and the principle of "combining testing and teaching".
Target Readers
- Overseas primary school and middle school students who take Chinese as a selective course.
- Students who are going to take the YCT.

A full coverage of YCT. On the basis of an overall and careful analysis of YCT syllabus and test papers, the series is organized with function as the prominent building blocks and grammar as the underlying building blocks, so as to fully cover YCT's vocabulary, grammar and function items. Each lesson is accompanied by a YCT model test page. Students should be able to pass the corresponding level of YCT after finishing each book.

An integrated combination of function and fun. The series emphasizes on the authenticity of the scene design, the naturalness and usefulness of the language, as well as the interestingness of the content. At the same time, it takes a careful consideration of students' affection and attitude. Through texts, games, songs and stories, we hope the series is able to arise students' interest in learning and help them enjoy it as they learn.

A variety of activities and exercises in each section. There are activities and exercises in each teaching section in this series in order to provide teaching clues and exercise options for teachers.

Listening and speaking taking the lead and followed by reading and writing. The series follows the principle that students proceed with reading and writing after achieving the goal of listening and speaking. The first 4 books do not have any requirements on writing Chinese characters.

Contents / 目录
热身 Warm-Up
Lesson 1 我三年级。
Lesson 2 你喜欢什么运动?
Lesson 3 我在画画儿呢。
Lesson 4 喂,您好!
Lesson 5 再吃几个。
Lesson 6 我能自己穿。
Lesson 7 生日快乐!
Lesson 8 下雪了。
Lesson 9 笑一笑!
Lesson 10 谁跑得快?
Lesson 11 妈妈把糖给弟弟了。
Lesson 12 复习 Review
词语表 Vocabulary
课文和小故事翻译 Text and Mini Story Translation
测试页听力文本 Text Lisening Scripts
测试页答案 Test Answers
YCT奖状 YCT Award

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