Chinese Character Breakthrough [Satz aus Textbook + Workbook]. ISBN: 7-301-09286-5, 7301092865, 978-7-301-09286-6, 9787301092866

Chinese Character Breakthrough [Satz aus Textbook + Workbook]. ISBN: 7-301-09286-5, 7301092865, 978-7-301-09286-6, 9787301092866
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2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt) 2-7 Tage (DE), 3-30 Tage (Welt)
One of the most striking difficulties for foreigners to learn Chinese is Chinese characters; there are both objective and subjective reasons for it. Chinese, as the only morpheme character, is far different from other characters. All characters are recording languages, but the language unit is different. English is recording phoneme; Japanese Kana is recording syllable, Chinese is recording morpheme. Dozens of letters are required for recording the phoneme or the syllable of a language; however, for recording the Chinese morpheme, thousands of characters are required. Thousands of morphemes may lead to diversity and complexity in terms of structure and strokes, as well as imperfect phonetic system. They are supposed to be main objective reasons to make leaming Chinese characters difficult. From subjective perspective, the law of Chinese characters is still not discovered fully, in addition. the pedagogy of Chinese characters is not very applicable. This causes difficulty to Team Chinese characters. In fact, if the learners understand the law of Chinese characters, three thousand common Chinese characters are not difficult to Team.

The aim of this book is systematically to introduce the inherent law of Chinese characters and the Chinese character knowledge to foreign learners. We hope it can foster learners' ability to leam Chinese characters an their own.

We start our introduction from the basic strokes, the rule of stroke order, components and radicals, and focus an the structure of the pictographic characters, associative compound characters and the idea-sound characters. We try to deepen students' understanding of the phonographic and ideographic structure of Chinese characters, to develop their "Chinese character sense" and the ability of self-study by learning a large number of typical characters of radicals, idea-components and sound-components. The leamers' competency to learn characters is: 1. identification of an idea-sound character and guess the meaning and the sound of a character; 2. understanding the new characters by connecting the old ones; 3. looking up a dictionary; 4. making correct word phrases and sentences. Besides leaming the character structural system, the students must use characters everyday. The System of the "character-+word--+sentence-->text" to learn Chinese characters is recommended.

With English translation, this textbook of Chinese Character Breakthough is compiled for the beginners. There are 61 lessons and 1063 vocabulary entries that cover 800 level A characters in The Syllabus of Chinese Words and Characters. Over 2000 words, 800 sentences, and 61 items of Chinese characters knowledge are included as well in this book. The learners can achieve the goal of having a good command of Chinese characters and Mandarin. Exercise book provides diversified interesting exercises for practice Chinese characters.

本书编写的宗旨就是向外国学习者系统介绍汉字的内部规律和汉子知识,培养汉字学习能力。它从汉字的笔画,笔顺规则,部件,偏旁,部首的基础知识入手,介绍了象形字,会意字和形声字这三种主要的构字方法。对于占汉字主体的形声字,更是通过大量典型的部首字,通行旁字,同声旁字的学习,来加深学习者对汉字的表音表义结构的认识,培养学生汉字的 #23383;感 #21644;高效率自学汉字的能力。全书共61课,介绍了1063个字条,涵盖了《汉语水平词汇与汉字等级大纲》中全部800多个句子以及61条汉字知识。学习者可以通过字,词,句的交互学习,达到学汉字,会汉语的目的。除课文外,还有配套的练习册,提供了形式多样,内容丰富,别具特色,生动有趣的汉字练习。

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