Standard Chinese [Biaozhun Zhongwen] Lehrer Handbuch Stufe 1 Band 3 [chinesische Ausgabe]. ISBN: 710726970, 9787107126970

Standard Chinese [Biaozhun  Zhongwen] Lehrer Handbuch Stufe 1 Band 3 [chinesische Ausgabe]. ISBN: 710726970, 9787107126970
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Titel der Lehrbuchreihe: Biao Zhun Zhong Wen (Biaozhun Zhongwen) 标准中文 (中文版) Standard Chinese (Chinesische Ausgabe)
Die Lehrbuchreihe Standard Chinese wurde speziell entwickelt für die Kinder chinesischer Muttersprachler, die im Ausland leben. Für jedes Lehrbuch der Serie sind zwei separate Arbeitsbücher (A und B) und ein Lehrer Handbuch erhältlich. Die Serie besteht aus drei Stufen, jede Stufe verfügt über 3 Lehrbücher. Die Stufen 1 und 2 sind als chinesisch-englische Ausgabe oder als rein chinesische Ausgabe erhältlich, die Stufe 3 ist nur als chinesische Ausgabe mit zusätzlichen englischen Vokabelanmerkungen erhältlich.

Finden Sie alle Elemente der Lehrbuchreihe Standard Chinese (Biaozhun Zhongwen).

Standard Chinese is a series of primary and secondary school teaching materials specially compiled for the children of Chinese students studying overseas, and also for those foreigners who wish to learn Chinese. The whole set consists of student`sbooks, teacher`sguidance manuals, workbooks, and Chinese readers. The whole set is divided into three levels with a total of 33 volumes. Books for pupils in the first two levels are published in two different editions. The Chinese edition and Chinese-English bilingual edition.

First-level student`sbooks are all transcribed in pinyin (the Chinese phonetic alphabet). The texts are mainly dialogues, with characters and situations, and closely related to children`sdaily life.

There is a gradual decrease in dialogues in the level-two texts, and there is a gradual increase of fables, stories and rhymes. The contents are new, rich and extremely readable. Each lesson has basic sentences, phrases, words and different types of exercises. Each lesson in level-three contains a text, new words list, new phrases list, phrase usage examples, and lively varied exercises. The texts are rich and colourful in content, the exercises are practically set and interesting and are designed to foster students independence and creativity in learning Chinese and in understanding Chinese unique culture, tradition and customs. The grammar points of the first two levels are graded gradually from easy to difficult, and listening, speaking, reading and writing are inter-linked. The new words of the first two levels have translated equivalents, with standard and practical phrasal examples. The whole set is uniformly standard and systematic, and is logically graded. The illustrations are beautifully laid out.

In recent years, Standard Chinese has successfully been published in America and Canada, and has also quickly extended to Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Southeast Asian regions. It has been warmly welcomed by learners of Chinese.

<< 标准中文 >> 系列教材是专门为中国赴海外留学人员的子女和其他有志于学习中文的青少年编写的中小学汉语教材。 整套教材包括学生用书,教学指导手册,练习册,中文读本, 共分3级。 全套共33册。 前两级学生用书有汉语版和汉英双语版两个不同的版本。



Student's Book 学生用书
The nine student's Books for Standard Chinese are divided into 3 levels. Each volume has 30 lessons. They are for overseas pupils in Grades 1-9 (ages 6-15). The aim of study is that the pupils should master Chinese pinyin, 2540 commonly used Chinese characters, 6362 commonly used words and 725 grammar points. They should acquire basic ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and several independent learning abilities. They will be able to use Chinese to deal with daily matters in places where Chinese is used. The goal is to give them a solid foundation for further learning of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

《标准中文》学生用书共3级9册。每册30课,供海外1-9年级 (6-15岁) 的学生使用。学习目标时: 学会汉语拼音,掌握2540个常用汉字,6362个常用词,725个语法点: 具有初步的听说读写能力。有一定的自学能力: 能在使用汉语言文字的地区用中文处理日常事务,并为进一步学习中文和了解中国文化打下坚实的基础。

Workbook  练习册
The workbooks for Standard Chinese are part of the series with level-one and level-two student`sbooks. Each is divided into Book A and Book B. Book A contains exercises for odd numbered lessons and Book B contains exercises for even numbered lessons. The whole set consists of 12 books. They are mainly used for homework, but the teacher can also select some exercises to be used in class.

《标准中文》练习册与一,二级学生用书配套,各册分A, B本 ( 为方便老师和学生使用,单数课防灾A笨重,双数课防灾B本中 ),全套共12册。主要作为学生的课后作业使用,教师也可有选择在课堂上使用。

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