Creation of the Gods II [Fengshen Bang II]. Traditional Chinese Culture Series - The wisdom of the classics in comics [bilingual Modern Chinese, English]. ISBN: 7-80188-849-9, 7801888499, 978-7-80188-849-5, 9787801888495

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English Title: Creation of the Gods II
Chinese Title: 封神榜II(蔡志忠漫画中英文版)
ISBN-10: 7-80188-849-9, 7801888499
ISBN-13: 978-7-80188-849-5, 9787801888495
Tsai Chih Chung (蔡志忠) 
Translation: Wu Jingyu 
Traditional Chinese Culture Series (中国传统文化系列)
Pages: 121
Binding: softcover
Pages: 270g
Size: 190mm x 210mm
Language: simplified Chinese, English

Part of the Traditional Chinese Culture Series, this book is an illustrated adaptation of Creation of the Gods (pinyin: Fengshen Bang, simplified chinese: 封神榜), one of the most important Chinese classics. Collected and popularized by the immensely popular Chinese illustrator Tsai Chih Chung, the book includes six famous tales from the classic work through cartoon panels with a text that is irreverently humorous yet replete with wisdom. It is a great and easy tool to learn Chinese classics. Creation of the Gods is illustrated in comic style, includes the Chinese text in simplified characters with English translations.

Fengshen Bang (English: Creation of the Gods, simplified Chinese: 封神榜) is one of the major Chinese epic fantasy novels written in the Ming Dynasty. The story is set in the era of the declining Shang Dynasty and rise of the Zhou Dynasty and intertwines numerous elements of Chinese mythology, including immortals, spiris, gods and goddesses. The authorship of Fengshen Bang is attributed to Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing.

Prime Minister Wen
Yang Jian
Tu Xingsun
Four Generals of the Mo Family
Lei Zhenzi
The Great Battle of 10 Unique Skills

Traditional Chinese Culture Series

The wisdom of the classsics in comics.
Tsai Chih Chung`s books have sold over 40 million copies in 44 countries around the world.


The writings of Chinese early thinkers have influenced all facets of Chinese culture and society, from education to art, from politics and warfare to common etiquette. The popular comic book artist TSAI CHIH CHUNG has faithfully brought the wisdom of these classics to life with his uniquely charming illustrations.


This series on Traditional Chinese Thought features the great thinkers of Chinese history, including:
- Confucius, the sage of harmonious living.
- Laozi, the Daoist sage of natural living.
- Zhuangzi, the Daoist sage of freedom and spontaneity.
- Sunzi, the sage of winning without warring.
- Zen masters, the sages of living in the moment.


TSAI CHIH CHUNG first came to prominence through his award-winning animated movies and his immensely popular daily comic strips. When he turned his hand to the classics after a prolonged period of self-education, they were acclaimed by critics and shot to the top of the bestsellers lists. His books have been published in America by the renowned publishers Princeton University Press and Knopf.

蔡志忠先生最早是因为他获奖的多部动画电影和每日连载漫画引起大众的关注的。在长期的自学之后,蔡志忠先生将创作方向转移到经典著作上。作品广受评论家的好评并快速成为畅销书。蔡先生的书已被美国知名出版如,Princeton University Press和Knopf出版。


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